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Continuous Furnaces & Continuous Ovens


 Continuous Furnaces:

Item Brand Type Description Temp Price
17-4117 CI Hayes Atmosphere Belt Model BAC   $15,000
17-4116 CI Hayes Atmosphere Belt 6" Belt, Model LACMB   $15,000
17-4115 Rogers Brazing Furnace chambers 7'4" each 1112F $175,000
17-4098 Sinterite Mesh Belt 12"W Belt, 4"H 1180C $70,000
17-4071 C.I. Hayes Belt Furnace 12"W Belt, 12"H 2000F $49,500
16-3972 Surface Comb Rotary Hearth Tray size 5" x 21" x 2'-11"H, 60 positions   $50,000
16-3971 Ipsen Austemper 18" wide tray 1850F $20,000
16-3970 Lindberg Pusher Line 10 trays in system, 46" x 28" x 24"H 1550F Call
16-3969 CI Hayes Pusher Furnace 4"H, 8" tray width 3090F $100,000
16-3950 CI Hayes Pusher Furnace High Temp, 8" tray width, 4" high 3000F $110,000
16-3949 CI Hayes Pusher Furnace High Temp, 8" tray width, 4" high 2700F $90,000
16-3946 QPS Press Quench Rotary Hearth Hardening Furnace 1650F $209,000
16-3945 Wellman Atm Roller 60"W x 42'L x 14"H 1650F $225,000
16-3943 Surface Comb Roller Hearth 60" x 60" trays, 4000 lb/tray   $450,000
16-3942 Ipsen Pusher Line P-12, 30" x 30" x 29" 1750F $250,000
16-3920 Ipsen Pusher Line Three trays each 36" x 48" x 30"H 1750F $49,000
16-3919 AFC Mesh Belt 6"H x 54"W x 12'L 1800F $75,000
16-3916 Seco Warwick Roller Hearth 36"W x 36"L tray design 1520F $74,000
16-3915 AFC-Holcroft Belt Austemper 30" wide mesh belt, 8" L high heat zone   Call
16-3914 Rogers Quench/Temper 48"W, 30'L heating section 1750F $650,000
16-3913 Sunbeam Rotary Hearth Working Dia 6', 8 stations, each 12"x18"x12" 1750F $40,000
14-3833 C.I. Hayes Tube Furnace Tube Furnace 2.5"x28" 1700C $18,000
14-3766 C.I. Hayes Humpback Hydrogen Atmosphere Belt, 12" Wide, 72" Heat 2100F $60,000
14-3763 Sunbeam Pusher 50" x 50" x 34" Load Size, Carburizing 1750F $40,000
13-3700 AFC Holcroft Atm Pusher Endo Atmosphere Pusher Line   Call
13-3692 Denton TS Rotary Hearth 6ft Dia. x 13"H Work Zone, Carbon Control 2150F $29,000
13-3675 C.I. Hayes Mesh Belt Atmosphere, 12"W x 5"H x 10ft Heated, Elec. 2100F $39,000
13-3668 Abbott Belt Atm 18"Wide x 4"Opening x 36ft Heated L 2150F $160,000




Item# 17-4117-1   CI Hayes Atmosphere Belt Furnace

Manufacturer: CI Hayes
Type: Atmosphere Belt Furnace
Model: BAC
385 KW 460 VAC. 
2 zones of control, ribbon elements and glow-bars.
 $ 15,000






Item# 17-4116-1   CI Hayes Atmosphere Belt Furnace

Manufacturer: CI Hayes
Type: Atmosphere Belt Furnace
Model: LACMB 6" Belt
Ribbon Elements
This furnace has been modified into a hump furnace with new controls and SCR.
Equipped with a bubbler, for wet hydrogen use
 $ 15,000






Item# 17-4115-1   Rogers Engineering Continuous Brazing

Manufactured in 2007 by Rogers Engineering
Electrically heated, continuous, controlled atmosphere brazing furnace. System consists of an entry chamber with a manual door, two electrically heated braze zones, an Air-Jacketed atmosphere cooling chamber, manual door exit chamber and a Vac-U-Cool air cooling chamber. Parts are brought to a brazing temperature of 1112F (600C) then cooled in a controlled atmosphere to 482 F (250C). Each heating chamber is 7′ 4″ long. Maximum operating temperature of 1202F (650C). Like new condition.
 $ 175,000





Item# 17-4098-1    Sinterite Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnace

120” long preheat, 2 zones, silicon carbide heating elements with metallic muffle.
180” long high heat with 3 zones of control, silicon carbide heating elements and ceramic muffle.
180 KW, 480/3/60.
Belt width 12” with 4” clearance over belt.
Overall dimensions 60”W X 75”H X 54’-0”L.
Cooling length 282”.
Preheat is rated for 1100 degrees C and high heat is rated for 1180C.
New in 2000 it has seen very limited production and is in excellent condition.
Has pre-heat bubbler. New pre-heat muffle, new belt,  and several new glo-bars.
 $ 70,000






Item# 16-3972-1    Surface Combustion Rotarty Hearth Furnace Line

This  system was designed for heat treating and straightening crankshafts and consists  of a rotary hearth furnace, 2 Gleason straightening presses and a robot for  loading/unloading. The furnace is S/N CC11590-1 with an outside diameter of 17'  3", inside 15', inside height of 2' 11" with an overall height of 8" 6".  Built August 1979. Gas fired with 8 trident tubes. Atmosphere is Endo/Natural  gas. Nominal tray size is 5" X 21", number of tray positions 60, tray loader/unloader length 10' 6". Hearth has ceramic tray support and guide tiles  and embedded in 12" thick insulating firebrick. Sidewalls consist of 9" of  insulating firebrick backed with 4 1/2" of insulating block. Alloy and brickwork  are both excellent. System is complete,  installed but not in operation.
 $ 50,000





Item# 16-3971-1    Austempering System

Ipsen Model SG500, S/N52822. Shaker hearth style hardening furnace is capable of 500 pounds/hour, 1850F operating temperature, gas fired 800,000 BTU’s/hour with an 18” wide tray. Temper has an operating temperature of 800F and a heat input of 300,000 BTU’s. Controls on both are Honeywell UDC units. Entire system consists of a magnetic conveyor loading system, Ipsen shaker-feeder-hopper. Mitsibushi variable speed AC drive on salt conveyors, 900 gallon wash tank with 30” conveyor and 280 gallon rust inhibitor tank with 32” conveyor. Currently installed but not in production. System is in reasonable condition but has not been used for some time.
 $ 20,000 obo





Item# 16-3970-1    Lindberg Pusher Line

Line consists of a 170F prewash, purge, 1500F pre-heat, 1550F high heat, 350F oil quench, air cool, 170F hot water wash, cold air quench, 375F three zone temper and 460F draw temper. Built and installed in 1976, electrically heated. Designed for martensitic heat treating of 52100 bearing steel. 10 trays in system each 46” X 28”. Working height of 24”. Each tray is capable of 700 pounds. Controls have been updated recently with a new SSI MCA6010 three gas analyzer. Currently installed and in production. Very well maintained and in excellent condition.





Item# 16-3969-1    CI Hayes High Temperature Pusher Furnace

C.I. Hayes model MY-040848-94PH high temperature pusher furnace. 4" opening above the hearth, 8" tray width. Max. Temp: pre-heat 1100 C, High Heat 1700 C. 94" long preheat, 1 control instrument/1 zone, 15 KW@440/3/60, metallic heating elements. 48" high heat, 1 instrument, 3  control zones, 45 KW2440/3/60, molybdenum heating elements. 48" metallic front tunnel with nitrogen curtains and burn off. 3 cooling sections. each 36" long, 1 section is insulated and all are water jacketed. Rear tunnel with nitrogen curtains and burn off. Multiple atmosphere inlets, for hydrogen/dissociated ammonia with nitrogen purging. Pusher screw drive. Atmosphere bubbler. High heat chamber recently rebuilt. Overall Dimensions; 6'H x 4’-6”W x 39'L (Approx.)






Item# 16-3950-1    CI Hayes High Temperature Pusher Furnace:

Model MY-040848-94PH. 4” opening above furnace hearth. 8” tray width. Maximum temperature of the pre-heat is 1100C, maximum temperature of the high heat is 1700C. 94” preheat, 1 control instrument/1 zone, 30KW@440/3/60, metallic heating elements. 48” high heat, 3 instruments, 3 control zone, 45KW @ 440/3/60, moly heating elements. 48” metallic front tunnel with nitrogen curtains and burn off. 3 cooling sections each 36” long, 1 section is insulated and all are water jacketed. Rear tunnel with nitrogen curtains and burn off. Multiple atmosphere inlets for hydrogen/dissociated ammonia with nitrogen purging. Pusher screw drive. Atmosphere bubbler. Return conveyor system. High heat chamber recently rebuilt. Overall dimensions 6’ high X 7.5’ wide X 39’ long (approximate). Excellent condition. Furnace was used for co-firing, can be converted for sintering with preheat muffle.





Item# 16-3949-1    CI Hayes High Temperature Pusher Furnace:

Model MY-040890-90PHM. 4” high over hearth. 8” wide tray width. Recommended tray size 8” X 8” X 7/7”. 90” preheat, 1100C, 42 KW, three control zones, nichrome heating elements. Metallic muffle in the preheat. 90” high heat, 1500C, 72KW, 6 control zones, Moly elements. Power 117KW @ 460/3/60. 198” cooling in five zones. Automated doors at each end of furnace with nitrogen atmosphere flushing. Dissociated Ammonia/Nitrogen blending atmosphere with nitrogen purge. Multiple inlets for even atmosphere flow and flushing. Over temperature protection control for both preheat and high heat. A-VB SLC-500 logic control. Screw drive, dual speed anti-jam detection. Articulated return conveyor. Hearth Level 44”. Overall space requirement 125” wide X 545” long X 72” high (without burn off stacks). Excellent condition.





Item# 16-3946-1    Press Quenching System:

The system consists of a rotary hearth hardening furnace, a press quench and tempering oven all manufactured by Quench Press Specialists (QPS) in 1999. It was designed to heat treat (martensitic) bearing rings between 150 and 260 mm OD, made from 52100 material. There are two fixture quench presses working in parallel and the quench media is polymer. The reason for the polymer is cycle time and capacity. The electrically heated rotary hearth furnace is capable of 1650F and has an interior ID of 16’. Nitrogen/Methanol atmosphere. Interior fan, Honeywell temperature and atmosphere controls, ceramic fiber insulation. All transfers are done robotically. The electrically heated tempering oven was specifically designed with a small footprint in mind. Full details and dimensions available upon request. System is currently installed, in use and in excellent condition.





Item# 16-3945-1    Atmosphere Roller Hearth Furnace:

Manufactured by Wellman in 1982.
Model #AL-81-180 RH, S/N 180.
Working dimensions of 60” Wide x 42’ Long x 14” High – 4800#/HR.
Electric – 480/3/60 – 469 KW (over (4) Zones of Control).
Operating temperature of 1650° F. 
Brick Lined Atmosphere Capable Roller Hearth Furnace complete with (4) Zones of Control, Heating Elements above and below Rolls, Transformers, 25’ Slow Cool Chamber (Air Cooled with Fans), and Variable Speed Drive. Free Standing Control Panels with Watlow Digital Controllers ((1) Per Zone), Watlow High Limits, and SCR Power Controls.
Overall dimensions; Entrance Chamber: 12’Wide x 14’ Long x 10’ 6” High. High Heat Chamber: 10’ 6” Wide x 30’ Long x 10’ 6” High. Cooling Zone: 12’ Wide x 27’ Long x 10’ 6” High. Approximate weight 80,000 pounds. Very good condition.






Item# 16-3943-1    Roller Hearth Line:

Surface Combustion (Pifco)
60" x 60" Trays capable of 4000 lbs per tray.
This line is gas fired and includes an SSi datalogging system.
Also includes SBS Heat Exchangers and has Waulkeetronic flow meters.





Item# 16-3942-1    Ipsen Pusher Line P-12:

Rebuilt by JL Becker Company. This is a complete line which includes; a Pre-wash, Hardening Furnace, Oil Quench, Post Wash, and Temper. It's setup for endothermic atmosphere and is currently installed and operating. Hardening furnace is capable of 1750 F and has 5 zones of control. Gross load 1000 pounds. 460 Volts/3 Phase/60Hertz. 3,000,000 BTU/hr heat input, gas fired, tray size 30" x 30" x 29" overall with loading. Good overall condition.






Item# 16-3920-1    Pusher Line:

Ipsen Model T-22 GM, S/N 54499, manufactured 1969. High heat furnace consists of a pre-heat, 2 separate zones and an internal oil quench. Gas fired capable of 1750 F. Endo atmosphere. Straight through vertical radiant tubes. Used for carburizing. High heat will hold three trays each 36 X 48 with 30" clearance. Each tray can handle at least 2,000 pounds. Also included is a transfer car, 1250F gas fired temper and dunk/spray washer. Currently installed but not in use. Alloy and brickwork are in good shape however all controls will need to be replaced. Overall complete and is in reasonable condition.




Item# 16-3919-1    Mesh Belt Hardening Furnace:

Manufactured by Atmosphere Furnace Company this furnace has working dimensions of 6" high x 54" wide x 12' long (heated section). Gas fired with radiant tubes. Operating temperature of 1800F. S/N 6948. Temperature Controls: Free standing enclosed panel. Honeywell solid state digital readout indicating controllers, L&N overtemps. L&N strip chart temperature & carbon recorder. Marathon Monitors Carb-Pro carbon control. Description & Features: Fiber lined. Heated by (9) North American 4724-2-E burners firing into recuperated U-tubes. Two zones of control. Rear zone has a roof mounted recirculating fan. Cold belt return. Furnace has a flame curtain and complete combustion controls and safeties. Includes quench tank and conveyer.






Item# 16-3916-1    Roller Hearth Furnace:

This is a SECO/WARWICK natural gas fired, roller hearth continuous atmosphere annealing furnace with a controlled cooling section and exit purge vestibule manufactured in 2009. The furnace was designed for a net capacity of 367 pounds per hour of wound transformer cores arranged on trays.  The chamber length is based on processing 36” wide x 36” long trays with an average loading of 1100 pounds of cores/tray.  With an additional tray weight of 104 pounds for a gross load per tray of approximately 1204 pounds.  Nominal charge rate will be (1) one tray every 180 minutes. The heat/soak chamber is designed for a maximum operating temperature of 870ºC (1600ºF), however normal operating temperature will be 825ºC (1520ºF).  The chamber will measure 5’-6” in length inside the insulation. The chamber will have a nominal rating of 600,000 Btuh in a single zone of temperature control. Following the heating and soak chamber there will be a controlled cool chamber with a length sufficient to accommodate two loaded trays. The chamber will be kept at an elevated temperature appropriate to achieve a cooling rate averaging 60ºC (114ºF) per hour. Designed for a nitrogen-hydrogen protective gas atmosphere. The unit is still fully operational but is currently mothballed. 
Price:   $74,000     Vendor will dismantle and package for shipping.




Item# 16-3915-1    Mesh Belt Austemper Lines (2 available):

Built by AFC-Holcroft these are mesh belt, gas fired austemper lines. Parts to be processed are metered on to the variable speed, 30” wide mesh belt, travel through an 8” long high heat zone, drop into an electrically heated salt quench tank then are carried on a conveyor out of the quench tank and into a washer. A circulating fan distributes heat and atmosphere evenly though the heating area. Heat is supplied by two U shaped radiant tubes that are recuperated. SSI controls monitor and control the atmosphere gases. Furnaces were in operation until March 2015. One furnace is 1989 vintage the other is a 2000 vintage. Both are complete, in very good condition and currently in storage.
Please contact us for pricing.




Item# 16-3914-1    Cast Link Belt Quench and Temper Line:

Manufactured by Rogers Engineering. 4,000 pounds/hour cast link belt furnace line consisting of a 1750F high heat furnace and 1700F temper furnace. Serial # CC-3977-0 (1997). High Heat Furnace: 48"W Omega Cast Link Belt, 4" pitch, 3" sides. Furnace has a 30'L heating section. Four (4) zones of control with three (3) roof mounted in the last three (3) zones. Maximum operating temperature of the hardening furnace is 1750°F. Furnace is radiant tube heated with recuperators. Furnace is currently set up for Endothermic w/Enriching Natural Gas & Air. Total BTU's for hardening furnace is 3,180,000 BTU/HR. Controls; All mounted in a free standing panel includes Allen Bradley PLC w/HMI Touch screen, Honeywell UDC Digital Temperature Controls, SSi Carbon Controls. Voltage 480/3/60/200kW.

Tempering/Anneal Furnace: 60"W mesh belt with support rollers. Furnace has a 35'L heating section. Four (4) zones of control with four (4) roof mounted fans. Maximum operating temperature is 1700°F. Total BTU's for the tempering/annealing furnace 3,790,000 BTU/HR. Please note that this furnace has two (2) different modes of operation. Click on 'PDF" below for more information on the different modes of operation.

The sequence of this furnace is as follows:

- Load parts into pre-wash dump loader
- Pre-Wash, 190°F, Gas Heat
- Parts vibrate onto mesh (soft load) then   onto cast link belt.
- High heat cycle
- Quench cycle, 200°F, Gas Heat, 8000 Gallon
- Wash cycle, 190°F, Gas Heat
- Temper cycle
- Oil blackening cycle


- 5600 CFH Air Cooled Endothermic Gas Generator
- SBS Air to Oil Heat Exchanger which consists of three (3) 5 H.P. fans.- Manuals & Drawings

Very good condition, available immediately. 
Price: $650,000




Item# 16-3913-1    Rotary Hearth Furnace:

Sunbeam Rotary Hearth Furnace. Working diameter of 6’,  8 station hearth, each station is 12” wide x 18” deep x 12 “ high.  The door opening is 1’-6” wide X 10” high. Gas fired, 620,000 BTU’s, 3 radiant tubes and an operating temperature of 1750F. Built in 1977 and used for neutral hardening.  Also included is a robotic arm for loading/unloading. The furnace is installed and in running condition, brand new radiant tubes and a rebuilt fan. All manuals and drawings are included. Good overall condition. 






Item # 14-3833-1   C.I. Hayes  High Temperature Tube Furnace

Model MY-0002.528, 2-1/2" ID Tube x 28" Long Heating Chamber. Operating temperature of 1700ºC, 10.5 KW, Single Zone Control with overtemp protection. Overall dimensions of  75" H x 32" W x 91"L. Hydrogen Atmosphere.  Included is an automatic loader. 

Price  $18,000.00 OBO






Item# 14-3766-1    Hydrogen Atmosphere Belt Furnace:

C.I. Hayes Continuous Humpback Furnace. Built by CI Hayes in 1970 this furnace was rebuilt and rewired in 1986. Belt is 12” wide, 6” height clearance over belt and has a heated length of 72”. Electrically heated, operating temperature of 2100F. Two water jacketed cooling chambers, Molecular Dryer, 2 Ammonia Dissociators, Muffle is Inconel 600 as is the spare mesh belt. Currently installed and can be started for a demonstration. Good operating condition.   
Price:  $60,000





Item# 14-3763-1   Atmosphere Pusher Furmace:

Sunbeam Pusher Carburizer. This is a very unusual style of furnace and perfect for carburizing of large gears, bearings or races. Working dimensions of 50" X 50" X 34" high. Operating temperature of 1750F. 3,000 pound capacity. Gas fired 12 Honeywell composite single ended recuperated tubes (recently replaced). Surface Casemate controls. 1800 gallon quench tank. System does not need a pit. Comes with a spray washer, temper and an oversized IHRE air cooled quench oil cooler. System is installed but not currently in use. Very good condition.





Item# 13-3700-2   Atmosphere Pusher Furnace Line:

2000 AFC-Holcroft Atmosphere Pusher Furnace System. This system was designed for hardening bearing races(up to 9” diameter). Built in 2000 is was used for a little over 1 year before being shut down.  This Furnace System is gas fired, radiant tube, 4 zones, complete with alloy trays, atmosphere flow-meter panel,  oil quench press with air cooled oil and robotic handler,  wash-off section, and belt tempering furnace.  Also included is 3000cfh endothermic generator and a number of spare parts (including new radiant tubes). Consider this in "mint"condition.                                                                                          
Price: $395,000 (includes loading)



Item# 13-3692-2   Rotary Hearth Furnace System with Quench Press:

Denton Thermal Systems (O'Brien & Gere) 2150˚F Rotary Hearth Furnace System,  Includes
high temperature furnace, Nitrogen-Methanol Panel and Quench Press.
High Temperature Furnace Details:
Working Zone:  6 ft Diameter Hearth, Door Opening is 14"W x 13"H
Overall Size:  9ft-8in Diameter x 10ft-10"Tall
Heating:  Electric, 125 kW, 1 Zone, Globar Heating Elements,
Power Requirement:  200 Amps, 480V/3Ph/60Hz
Temperature Rating:  2150˚F
Water Requirement:  3 GPM
Air Requirement:  100 PSI
      GE90 PLC
      Honeywell Temperature Controller and Overtemp (missing but will be replaced)
      Marathon Monitors Carbon Control System
Includes Quench Press that was handling up to 5" Diameter bearings
Prior user reference available upon request
Price:  $29,000                     Location:  Northeastern USA                
Price Reduced 5/5/15





Item# 13-3675-1   Atmosphere Mesh Belt Furnace:

CI Hayes Mesh Belt Brazing/Sintering Furnace. Working dimensions of 5" over belt, 12' wide X 120' of heated length. Electrically heated 230/3/60, operating temperature of 2100F. Model LAC. Temperature controls are new state of the art, control panel with Honeywell sold state digital readout controller and overtemp for each of three zones, includes volt and amp meters. Full alloy muffle 20' long, sealed, water jacked cooling chamber with globar heating elements over and under the belt. (3) zones of control. (4) argon flowmeters. Dayton AC inverter provides adjustable belt speed. Updated SCR controls. Muffle and belt are new. Very good condition.






Item# 13-3668-1:   18" Belt Atmosphere Furnace:

ABBOTT Model 6ZSCR-18-432HH6-VC-2150. 18" wide belt, 4"+ opening over the belt, 432" heating chamber (silicon carbide muffles), six zones, 36" long vari-cool with 162" of additional cooling including two curtain boxes. 2150 deg.F. max temp., piped for dissociated ammonia atmosphere and nitrogen purge, 335 kw @ 480/3/60,Honeywell UMO 800 controller/programmer, OAD: 84" w x 90" h x 720" l. Currently used for annealing knife blades but with a little effort a metallic muffle in the front half of the heating chamber could be added for debinding and sintering of PM parts.
Price: $160,000  OBO






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