with dibalog's

Energy Optimization System (EOS)


Power companies not only charge for total power usage but also penalize you for your peak power use.

Dibalog's Energy Optimization Systems reduce electrical power usage charges by monitoring and controlling
your power requirements to minimize peak power spikes.

Typical savings realized range from 20% to 40%.  The payback period for the dibalog Energy Optimization System is generally less than a 2 year period  and is provided with our quotation.

Download our PDF file for a more thorough discussion of the EOS system (2 pages).

With over a thousand such systems working successfully in Europe, dibalog is now bringing this technology to North America.  Let us know if you would like to speak with a North American company that is using
this technology to substantially cut their power bill.

If you would like us to evaluate the potential for significant energy cost savings in your heat treating shop, download the RFQ excel form below. It's very simple and the savings will surprise you.

Dibalog RFQ Checklist

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E-mail the completed form to and we will send you a quote. With the quote showing cost savings and payback period, you will have the information you need to make a good decision.


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