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Induction Heating Equipment



Item # Brand Description Price
17-4132 Ajax 125 KW Ajax Induction Generator $15,250
17-4131 Inductoheat Dual Spindle Induction Scanner $75,000
16-3986 Inductoheat UP9-30 kW, 10 kHz SCR type Induction Power Supply $6,000
16-3985 Lepel/Induct SP5-40 kW, 10 kHz SCR Induction Pwr Supply w/ Heat Station $6,000
16-3934 Pillar Mark 11, 100kW/10kHz, Induction Power Supply $19,500
16-3931 Ajax/Tocco Induction Power Supply 150kW, 3/10 kHz $33,000
16-3930 EDMS Induction Press Quench System Call
14-3770 Radyne 40kW/450kHz Induction System with Dual Heat Station/Quench $7,500
14-3766 Inductoheat DC18T 335kW/200kHz Generator $39,500
14-3764 Ajax/Tocco Unused 450kW/3-10kHz Generator $39,999

Item# 17-4132-1    125 KW Ajax Induction Generator:

- Manufacturer: Ajax
- Output is 125 Kw, Frequency 300KHZ, 460 Volt, Line Current 352 Amps. 
- Foot Print 48” x 80” x 78”. 
- PLC operated, Optical Infrared Pyrometer Temperature Control. 
- Approximately 100 Induction Coils. Spare Load Coil Transformer. Lepel Heat Exchanger Lift and Rotate Fixture. 
- Good Operating Condition.

Price: $15,250


Item# 17-4131-1    Dual Spindle Induction Scanner:

- Manufacturer: Inductoheat
- Inductoheat Statiscan II 200 Kw, 30khz vertical Induction scanner.
- This is a moderately used piece of equipment. It was used in a machine shop operation for a variety of parts. It appears to be in very good condition with some minor maint. required. Power Supply is IGBT type. This was in operation until a couple of weeks ago when it was replaced with a newer scanner. It has a 24” scanning capacity. (Replacement value est. $200,000)

It is available with;
• Dual Output Bus with shorting bar for single coil operation. (replacement value est. $4,000 +/-)
• Nine (9) MIQ (machined integral quench) Coils, 1 – 5/8” bore, 1- 7/8” bore,
1 – 1 ¼” bore, 2 – 1 ½” bore (need repair), 2 – 2” bore, 2- 2 – 2 ½” bore. All are in good or like new condition except the 1 ½”. (Replacement value est. $15,000 +/-)
• Spare Durant Counter (Replacement value est. $2,000). This model is a little simpler and less complex than more recent PLC or PC controls. I believe it would lend itself to a shop with less experienced operators or with frequently changing operators.
• Some (if not all) Documentation.


Item# 16-3986-1    Inductoheat UP9-30 kW

10 kHz SCR type induction heating power supply with integral heat station including a Jackson Transformer. It appears in excellent condition and is available for $6,000. There is no warranty but it is sold with the assurance it is in good working order. Start up and training service is available at extra cost by an experienced induction heating service engineer.
Price:  $6,000


Item# 16-3985-1    Lepel / Inductoheat SP5-40 kW

10 kHz SCR type induction heating power supply with a separate Heat Station (I believe this could be operated at 3 kHz but the heat station is currently arranged for 10 kHz). The Heat Station appears to be arranged for use with multi-turn induction coils. It is in very good condition and is available for $6,000 or “Best Offer”. There is no warranty but it is sold with the assurance it is in good working order. Start up and training service is available at extra cost by an experienced induction heating service engineer. We can also offer circuit board repairs for Lepel/Inductoheat Power Supplies. A number of other Lepel/Inductoheat SP-11 units are available in the range of 30 to 60 kW, 200 kHz.
Price:  $6,000 obo


Item# 16-3934-1    100 kW, 10 kHz Induction Power Supply:

Pillar Mark 11 100 kW, 10 kHz Induction Power Supply. Manufacturer: Pillar. Input Voltage: 480/3/60/133 Amps/111 KVA/.95 P.F. Output:100 kW, 10 kHz. Output Voltage: 440V or 800V . Model: AB7104-108/MK11. Serial Number: 6414 IAT. Includes a full set of spare boards. Good condition and ready to go.
Price:  $19,500


Item# 16-3931-1    Induction Power Supply 150kW, 3/10 kHz:

Ajax Tocco Induction Power Supply. Model #OL-426-150-3/10-00M. Manufactured 12/06. Serial Number: 46-1128-11. Wiring Diag.: WD-287513. CKT.BKR.AMPS. : 400.

Input Ratings:  
Volts Min./Max. : 432/528               P.F. : 82 
Amps.Max. : 291                             KVA : 220 
Freq.Hz. : 60Hz                               Phase : 3 

Output Ratings: 
Volts : 512                                     KW : 150 
Amps. : 389 
Freq.Hz. : 3/10 KHz                         Phase : 1

This unit was sold new to Caterpillar in 2006 and never installed and never used. Excellent condition.
Price:  $33,000


Item# 16-3930-1    Induction Press Quench System:

EDMS Industrial Induction Heating and Die Quench, New in 2003, 400kW Output Supply, 3kHz Frequency. This machine is currently being used to reheat and die quench spiral bevel ring gears up to 500mm in diameter. Installed to replace the rotary furnace and isolated die quench processes. This machine is designed with an automatic conveyor and loading system to continuously heat, die quench, and temper 500mm rings. This unit has an EFD 400kW output supply with a 1.7-3.0 kHz frequency designed for deep and fast heat penetration which allows rings to be heated and die quenched in just minutes. This system has an added setup to convey quenched parts to and through a continuous Apar IPSEN tempering and preheat electric furnace with a 36" x 48" opening with a 3,000 lb load capacity. This unit also comes complete with its own outside cooling system and monitoring to ensure flow, min/max pressure, and min/max temperature. This fully integrated system allows the flexibility to handle parts from 125mm to 500mm diameter. The transfer time is presently 5-6 seconds from induction to quench. The pick and place system can be upgraded by purchasing and utilizing a robot to allow for faster transfer time, for thin wall parts. Thus allowing the induction and quenching of bearings, cones, and cups, as well as, outer rings and end rings.

Conversion available to make this unit a Heat and Quench station with variable high frequency independent of the Die Quench.
* Output Supply:                 400kW
* Frequency:                       1.7-3kHz
* Max Diameter:                 500 mm
* EFD Power Supply
* Power Requirements:        3 x 480v - 60Hz - 570KVA
* Dimensions (L x W x H):  1790mm x 1200mm x 1730mm
* Weight:                            15500 kg
*Customer paid over $1,500,000.00 in 2003

Price:  Inquire for price

Item# 14-3770-1     40kW/450kHz Induction System with Dual Heat Station/Quench:

Raydyne Induction Heating System. Input Voltage: 480V/3 Phase/60 Cycles/110 Amps, Output Voltage: 40 kW, 450 kHz, Year Built: 1985, Model of Power Supply: EI-40, Serial Number of Power Supply: 41408901-B. Please note the RF Tube is missing. Includes a dual heat station with quench. Model of Heating/Quench Station: 10228201, Serial Number of Heating/Quench Station: 10228201B. This system is Government Surplus and appears to be fairly clean inside power supply cabinet. The power supply has a "Control Concepts" SCR power controller.  
Price:  $7,500


Item# 14-3766-1     335kW/200kHz Generator:

Induction Power Supply.
Manufacturer:   Inductoheat/Elphiac.
Model Number
 DC18T+HF08. S/N 2177DC. 335 kW, 200 kHz, 750V Output. Input Voltage: 460/3/60/448 KVA/562 Amps. Output Voltage: 335 kW/750V/200 kHz. Very good condition.
Price:  $39,500.00


Item# 14-3764-1     Unused 450kW/3-10kHz Generator:

 Tocco Power Supply (unused). Ajax Tocco Inductron PT power supply, capacity: 450kW. Frequency: 3-10 kHZ. Output Voltage: 400 *. Year of manufacture: 2006. This unit was never installed and is unused. *Price quoted from Ajax Tocco to convert output voltage from 400 to 800 including parts and labor is $15,230.  Data Sheet Available at:

$39,999.00       (New this unit was $86,000)




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