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Miscellaneous Items Available


Item # Brand Description Price
18-4161 Skamol Supra Skamol Moler Firebricks for Sale $0.45
18-4140 Beavermatic Electric Spray-Dunk Parts Washer $18,500
17-4095 Houghton Aqua Quench 3699 Polymer, 4 totes $2,500
17-4094 Dry Collers Closed Loop Water Cooling System $7,950
17-4093 Tenaxol Quench Oil Accelerator, 6 each 55 gal drums $450/d
17-4092 South Tek Nitrogen Generating System $82,500
16-4052 Eclipse Burners, Recuperators, and Spark Igniters Vary
16-4051 Omega HT Cast Link Belt Call
16-4050 Surface Allcase Components, NEW $16,500
16-4028 BOREL Tilting Melting Furnace, 1200C, Inner volume 18 liters Inquire
16-4027 Hi Tech Weighing System Inquire
16-4026 AGF Rotary Washer, 48" wash, 48" rinse, 150-180F $15,000
16-4021 Behringer Vertical Plate Saw; Cuts length 49.6”, width 28.3”, height 23.6” $20,000
16-4019 Surface Charge Car, supports 36" x 48" tray (or 30" x 48") $25,000
16-4016 Microtrac Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer $20,000
16-4015 Clark Micro-hardness tester $5,200
16-4014 Giant Finishing Machine $30,000
16-4013 Surface Washer, Gas fired, 30"W x 48"D x 30"H, 200F $12,500
16-4012 Park Therm Spray Washer, Gas fired, 30" x 48" x 30", 150F $15,000
16-4010 Wheelabrator Bronco, 36" mesh belt $60,000
16-4006 Techniblast Goff Tumblast, 6 cubic ft capacity, All Offers Considered $20,000
16-4004 Gibson Tumblast, 6 cubic ft, rubber belt, All Offers Considered $15,000
16-4003 Panghorn Rotoblast, 12 cubic ft, rubber belt, All Offers Considered $30,000
16-4001 SBS Quench Air (2 available), All Offers Considered $12,500
16-4000 Guyson Shot/Grit Blast Machine $32,000
16-3999 Wheelabrator Rubber Belt Tumblast, 12 cubic ft $55,000
16-3998 Grapar Dual Lane Conveyor Washer, 11"W x 7"H work area $39,500
16-3997 Hunterdon VRT set of 3 individual transformers $2,500
16-3995 Spectra-Tech Infrared Microscope, 0044-003 $6,500
16-3994 USF Surface Shot Peen System, 10 nozzle $25,000
16-3993 Surface Parts Washer, suitable for "Super 36" batch IQ furnace $15,000
16-3992 Ipsen Automatic Dunk/Spray Washer, 36"W x 48"D x 24"+H $35,000
16-3991 SBS Quench Air $5,500
16-3947 South Tek Nitrogen Generating System $82,500
14-3860   Pit Furnace Fixturing  $21,000
14-3859 AFC Charge Car   $28,500
14-3858 Cryomersion Cryogenic Unit  40"D x 30"H x 30"W $10,000
14-3829 Holcroft Dunk/Spray Washer $18,500
12-3644 GE Fanuc Programmable Logic Controller: $250
03-3089 Case 580B Loader Backhoe $10,500


For Power Supplies - See Vacuum Page



Item# 18-4161   Firebricks for Sale

For sale here are approximately 95 full pallets of new firebricks in the original shrink wrap packaging.  Each pallet contains 684 bricks, 9”x 4 ½”” x 2 ½”.  This is old inventory, properly warehoused, manufactured in Denmark.  Original use was for backing bricks in the aluminum smelting industry, however silica diatomite insulating bricks like these are used industrially for many purposes.  Full specifications are available on the Skamol website.  Maximum service temperature 1742 F.  These are a machined brick of very accurate dimension.

All or part of the entire lot is available, price FOB Bigfork, Montana.  The owner is willing to sell from one to ten pallets at forty five cents per brick ( $307.00 per pallet).  Ten or more pallets would be thirty five cents per brick ( $240.00 per pallet).  The owner will entertain any serious offers. 





Item# 18-4140   Electric Spray-Dunk Parts Washer

Manufacturer:   Beavermatic
Model:  60-40
Work Zone:  40”W x 60”D x 44”H
Heat:  Electric
Tank Capacity:  1,150 Gallons Water to Fill
Load Rating:  4,100 lb.
Loading:  Chain Drive (Needs loader)
Max. Temp.:  160F
Controls:  UDC3000 (working?), UDC2000, Extec 48VFL Process PID Controller
Power:  Full load amps = 70 Amp @ 460V/3Ph/60Hz
Approximate Dimensions:   7ft W x 8 ft D x 13-1/2 ft H
Extras Included:  “Superator” oil separation unit
Shipping Wt:  T.B.A.
Where-Is, Loaded on your truck
Terms:  100% prior to loading unless otherwise agreed with Seller
F.O.B.:  Current Location in Eastern Washington

Price: $18,500






Item# 17-4095-1   Houghton Aqua Quench 3699 Polymer (4)

Available for sale are four (4) Totes of Houghton Aqua Quench 3699 Polymer Quenchant.  Material has never been used.  Total amount available is 1,000 Gallons.  
Price: $2,500





Item# 17-4094-1   Closed Loop Water Cooling System

Manufactured by Dry Coolers in 2010. Model #CDX-150-120-ST. 480V/227V/30/60Hz. Closed loop system with air cooled heat exchanger, model AVR-35-15. S/NJ-4720. 15GPM. Controls:       Mounted and wired in an enclosure attached to the pumping system includes digital temperature control, disconnect switch etc. Excellent condition. 
Price: $7,950






Item# 17-4093-1   Tenaxol Quench Oil Accelerator

Available are 6 new, unopened 55 gallon drums of Tenaxol Quench Oil Accelerator for use with Park AAA quench oil. New this was $900.00 USD/drum
Price: $450/drum





Item# 17-4092-1   Nitrogen Generating System

Manufactured by South Tek Systems in 2013 this system is in “like new” condition. The unit includes; STS N2-GEN 200S with Oxygen Analyzer, 1,060 Nitrogen Storage Tank, Kaeser ASD40T Complete Air Compressor package with Refrigerant Dryer and 240 Gallon Air Receiver Tank, Connection Package. Performance Capabilities: Nitrogen Purity Ranging from 95% - 99.999%, Nitrogen Hourly Flow Rate Ranging from: 473 SCFH – 5,371 SCFH *depending on purity setting, Nitrogen Outlet Pressure Range: 0 – 80 PSI. Excellent condition, available the end of June.
Price: $82,500





Item# 16-4052-1   Eclipse Burners, Recuperators and Spark Igniters

All of these items are in “like new” condition and still in the original boxes. Vendor will sell as a complete package or as individual items.

Recuperators; Eclipse Bayonet Ultra Recuperator, Assembly 101849-24 (5BU, 24” tube length, low pressure drop model).  S/N 07-27834580-8 45 units in inventory. Price: $1840.00 each

TFB Burners;  Eclipse Therm thief V2.3, Model TFB23.030NP04NA9NXXR. Model: 030 - Burner Model 030, Fuel Type: N - Natural Gas (CH4), Air Supply: P – Preheated Air, Burner Input: 04 - 201k-300k Btu/h (59-88 kW), Gas Piping Connection: N - NPT Gas Inlet Connections. Gas Orifice: A9 - 9.1mm. Air Pipe Connection: N - NPT Air Inlet. Air Orifice: XX - No orifice (for preheated air). Tube Length: R - 20 in. (507 mm). Cone Setting: C - 9.5mm. Flame Supervision: X - No Flame Safety. Gas Piping Orientation: 0 - Gas Inlet at 0 Degrees with Air Inlet at 0 Degrees. S/N 10S0101049-0001-6. Manufactured June/2012. 40 units in inventory. Price: $695.00 each

Spark Plug Igniters. Model # 100640-11. 40 units in cardboard tubes with bubble wrap. Price: $100.00 each





Item# 16-4051-1   Surplus Cast Link Belt

Used Omega HT Cast Link belt with HR 120 connecting rods. 4” pitch, 78” wide X 130’ long. Weight 26,741 pounds. Also available is a porcupine drive roll, 11’ long, 700 pounds. A tail roll 11’ long X 11” diameter, 700 pounds, entry and exit hearth rolls 10.5’ long X 6” diameter and a return roll 10.5’ long X 14.4” diameter. Good condition. Buyer can inspect condition upon request.
Price: Please Call







Item# 16-4050-1   Surface Allcase Components

NEW Surface Combustion Prolectric® heating elements (4 available) , one front and one rear chain guide, two roller rails, spacer bars, washers, nuts and 19 ¼” fan. These parts are for a Surface IQ Model: STD 24-36-24. All items unused. New these items would be $33,000 USD. 
Price: $16,500







Item# 16-4028-1   Tilting Melting Furnace

CB 1200-165 1200 °C. Inner volume: 18 Liters - Weight: 1080 kg - External dimensions: 1610 x 1415 to 2100 x 1360 mm - Power: 14 kW - Maximum temperature: 1200°C - 3x400V AC, 50Hz. Good condition, entirely revised, delivered with the manufacturer's instruction manual and CE certification. Please call or email for pricing.





Item# 16-4027-1   Hi Tech Weighing System

Excellent condition Hi Tech vibratory loading system suitable for a continuous furnace. Further details available upon request.





Item# 16-4026-1   AGF Rotary Washer

Model RCW-W-R 23-2.5-4-4 gas fired rotary washer manufactured by American Gas Furnace Company. 23” diameter retort with 48” of washing and 48” of rinsing. Operating temperature of 150F-180F. Overall size is 13’ long X 7.5’ wide X 7’ 10”. Very good condition.
Price:   $15,000





Item# 16-4021-1   Behringer Vertical Plate Saw

Model LPS-60-T. Longitudinal-cutting hydraulic drive vertical plate saw for cutting aluminum, low alloy and high tensile profiles or solid materials with bi-metal or carbide-tipped saws blades. Cutting capacity; Length, 49.6”, width 28.3” height 23.6”. Saw blade dimensions 17.9” X 1-1/2” X .050”. Excellent condition.
Price:   $20,000





Item# 16-4019-1   Surface Combustion Charge Car

Double ended and able to support 36” x 48” tray and easily convertible to support a 30” x 48” tray. Excellent Condition.
Price:   $25,000






Item# 16-4016-1   Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer

Manufactured by Microtrac, Model  S3500. Measurement capability from 0.02 to 2800 microns. Wet and dry measurements. Complete and in very good shape.
Price:   $20,000




Item# 16-4015-1   Clark Micro-hardness tester

Model DMH-2, Serial #3388. Cleaned and checked recently-very good condition.
Price:   $5,200




Item# 16-4014-1   Giant Finishing Machine

Manufactured by “Giant”, Model GB-10 Spiral bowl with Internal Seperation Vibratory Deburring and Finishing Machine. 10 cubic foot process capacity with 5 hp motor. Maximum load capacity 2,000 pounds. Bowl diameter 65”, unload height 39”. NEMA 12 control panel including 0-6 hour process timer and lapsed time recorder. Control panel is JIC approved and U.L. listed. Standard voltage; 460/3/60 cycle. This is a brand new, unused tumbler. New this was $45,000
Price:   $30,000




Item# 16-4013-1   Surface Combustion Washer

Model WG 30-48-30, S/N BC-39290-1. This is a spray only style with working dimensions of 30” wide X 48” deep X 30” high. Overall dimensions of 72” wide X 110” high X 88” long. Gas fired, maximum temperature 200F. Good condition.
Price:   $12,500




Item# 16-4012-1   Spray Washer

Manufactured by Park Thermal. Working dimensions of 30” X 48” X 30”. Gas heated with a maximum temperature of 150F. Good condition and still in operation.
Price:   $15,000




Item# 16-4010-1   Wheelabrator

Bronco. Model# SLC500. 36” Mesh Belt –VFD drive. 8 – 20hp Blasting Wheels – VFD drive. Media separator, Torrit dust collector. All venting pipes to dust collector are included. Some spare parts are also included. Well maintained and works well. Footprint – 30’ long, 16’ high, aprox. 12’ wide.
Price:   $60,000





Item# 16-4006-1   Goff Tumblast

6 Cubic foot capacity.  Rubber Belt Tumblast w/Integrated Dust Collector. No loader. Must be removed within the next few months All Offers Considered.
Price:   $20,000





Item# 16-4004-1   Gibson Tumblast

6 Cubic Feet Rubber Belt Tumblast. No loader or dust collector. Good condition.  Must be removed within the next few months All Offers Considered.
Price:   $15,000




Item# 16-4003-1   Pangborn Rotoblast

Pangborn® Rotoblast® Barrel Model 12GN. 12 Cubic Feet Rubber Belt Tumblast w/Loader & Dust Collector. Good condition. Must be removed within the next few months All Offers Considered.
Price:   $30,000




Item# 16-4001-1   SBS Quench Airs (2 available)

Manufactured by SBS Corp., these are air/oil quench oil coolers. Each is a 3 fan unit with disconnect and 480 volt. Suitable for a large continuous line. Installed indoors. Very good condition. Must be removed within the next few months All Offers Considered.
Price:   $12,500 each




Item# 16-4000-1   Guyson Shot/Grit Blast Machine

Machine Model RXS-400, rotary system, Serial Number M53868, Model 75/12 Cyclone Media reclaimer and D-1000 Dust collector. Purchased news in 2011 and put into service in 2012. System is complete and in excellent condition. New this was $83,000
Price:   $32,000




Item# 16-3999-1   Wheelabrator Rubber Belt Tumblast

Model # TBR-12, Serial # A142403, Voltage 480/3/60, 12 cubic feet, Controls - complete. Available Immediately, very good condition.
Price:   $55,000




Item# 16-3998-1   Dual Lane Conveyor Washer

Manufacturer: Grapar. Type: Dual Lane Conveyor Washer. Heated: Natural Gas. Dual Lane Washer Serial Number: 08-010 (2008). Max Temperature: N/A. Voltage: 480/3/60. Work Area: 11"W x 7"H. Each Lane External Dimensions: 8'W x 10'6H x 30'L - approx. Controls: Mounted and wired in an enclosure attached to the washer. Includes an Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 PLC and an Allen Bradley "Powerflex 4" VFD to control conveyor belt speed. Description: This washer has three (3) stages, wash/rinse/blow-off. This washer is gas fired using Eclipse burner and gas train with a Honeywell UDC digital temperature control. Spray nozzles are located on top, both sides and bottom. Condition: Very Good.
Price:   $39,500




Item# 16-3997-1   Hunterdon VRT

This Variable Reactance transformer consists of a set of (3) individual transformers that were connected to power a Surface Combustion Super Allcase furnace to produce a 120 KVA output to heat the elements in the furnace.  The units are water cooled with a primary input of 480 Volt, three phase,.  The power is regulated with a Halmar DPA – 1 30 amp that is SCR controlled and uses a 0-10 volt input that is provided a separate controller, for example, a Honeywell 2000.  Gross weight 3-4000 lb.
Price:   $2,500




Item# 16-3995-1   Spectra-Tech 0044-003 Infrared Microscope

Model WHK 10X 201, Reflected & Transmitted light, multiple objectives, Polaroid 4x5 attachment.
Price:   $6,500




Item# 16-3994-1   Shot Peen System

USF Surface Preparation single station, 10 gun (up to 10 nozzle) suction blast/ shot peen cabinet. This unit is in fantastic working condition as we have used it on many applications to blast parts that required special attention and to avoid the parts from "banging" together as they would in a tumble blast or vibratory machine. The unit 480 VAC 3 phase with a control voltage of 110 VAC. The rotary platform and vertical is a 24VDC variable speed drive motor. The controller is an Allen Bradley for timed processes and vertical feed changes. A dust collector unit is included. All guns (nozzles) are on individual arms that can be articulated in many different positions for whatever application you may be doing. Machine takes up a footprint of 8 foot by 6 foot and is 12 foot tall. Cabinets internal blast are dimensions are 28'' wide by 42'' tall by 36'' deep. All door safety switches and air solenoid equipment are in proper working order. Control cabinet is in safe working order as well. It was once FAA approved to run jet turbines. Shipping weight is approx. 1500-2500 lbs. Good condition.
Price:   $25,000




Item# 16-3993-1   Surface Combustion Parts Washer

Suitable for use with a "Super 36" batch IQ furnace. Spray only. Electrically heated. Installed, in use and in good condition.
Price:   $15,000




Item# 16-3992-1   Ipsen Automatic Dunk/Spray Washer

Model #WRD-11, Serial Number 57690. Working dimensions of 36" wide X 48" deep X 24"+ high, 2200 pound capacity. Electrically heated, 72KW. Companion washer-In/Out or straight through design. Door each end, Cal Rod element bundle. 12" wide belt oil skimmer, air operated-full width elevator rack for submerged oscillation, overhead spray rinse. Overall dimensions of 7' 5" wide X 5' 4" long X 11' 8" high. Rebuilt, excellent condition
Price:   $35,000




Item# 16-3991-1   SBS QuenchAir

SBS Corporation air/oil quench oil cooler. Single fan unit model 5084-Q4. Serial number: 2365, 230/460 voltage, overall size: 74"wide X 104"long X 55"high. Comes with disconnects. Very good condition.
Price:   $5,500





Item# 16-3947-1   Nitrogen Generating System:

Manufactured by South Tek Systems in 2013 this system is in “like new” condition. The unit includes; STS N2-GEN 200S with Oxygen Analyzer, 1,060 Nitrogen Storage Tank, Kaeser ASD40T Complete Air Compressor package with Refrigerant Dryer and 240 Gallon Air Receiver Tank, Connection Package,

Performance Capabilities: Nitrogen Purity Ranging from 95% - 99.999%, Nitrogen Hourly Flow Rate Ranging from: 473 SCFH – 5,371 SCFH *depending on purity setting, Nitrogen Outlet Pressure Range: 0 – 80 PSI. Excellent condition, available the end of June.

Price:   $82,500                                                                                                            


Item# 14-3860-1   Pit Furnace Fixturing

Pit basket fixture RA330 material. Fixture is 74” tall when put together. Baskets are 63” tall, each one is 20”deep. They have 2” grid bottoms with mesh liners. These are of a hair pin design so that they can be picked up when nested together. They can also be used individually. They are 54” in diameter and have never been used.
Price $21,000.00                                                                                                            


Item# 14-3859-1   AFC Charge Car

Drawing # MT-237014. Voltage 480/3/60. Suited for a 36” wide X 48” tray. External dimensions of 100” wide X 84” deep X 84” high. Side mounted control panel with Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLC Logic Control. Double ended chain driven powered charge car with roller rail top. Excellent condition.

Price $28,500.00                                                                                                               


Item# 14-3858-1   Cryogenic Unit

NU-BIT Cryomersion Model 1500, S/N 9911119. This is a liquid nitrogen cryogenic unit used for treating material to -310 degrees Fahrenheit. Working dimensions of 40” X 30” high X 30” wide. Maximum load 1500 pounds, normal load 800 pounds. 230 volts AC-20 amps., 3 phase, 60 HZ. Overall dimensions 14’ long X 11’ wide X 13’ high. Manufactured in 1999. Good operating condition with all manuals and drawings included.

Price $10,000                                                                                                                   


Item# 14-3829-1 - Holcroft Dunk/Spray Washer

 Model GPWS 24-36-24. Electrically heated, 480/3/60/50 amps. Working dimensions of 24" wide X 24" high X 36" deep. External dimensions of 96"W X 143" high X 124" long (91" without skimmer attached). This is a standard dunk/spray washer with 4 Warren Electric immersion heaters. Spray nozzles are arranged over and all sides of the wash area. Load height is 51" from floor to top of rollers. Wheel centres are 14-1/2". Controls are mounted and wired on the right hand side of the washer and includes all necessary pushbuttons and signal lights. There is a dunk cycle timer and spray cycle timer. A Honeywell UDC 2000 digital temperature controller controls wash temperature. Good condition. 

Price $18,500.00  






Item# 12-3644 - Programmable Logic Controller:

GE Fanuc, Series 3, Programmable Logic Controller, with input/output boards,
power supplies, Temperature Controllers (2) and Relay.  All were working fine
when removed as part of a plant-wide control upgrade.

Included are:

Description                       QTY.       Model No.                          S/N or P/N
CPU/Programmer Unit      1 EA.      IC630CPU301B                 88051351A
Power Supply                    2 Ea.       IC630MDL300A               840904223 & 841012614
Power Supply                    2 Ea.       CTG 2600                          4923 & 4994
Input Module                    2 Ea.        IC630MDL301A                840911
Input Module                    1 Ea.        IC630MDL325A                840911
Input Module                    1 Ea.        IC630MDL325A                830511
Output Module                 1 Ea.        IC630MDL375B                 840911
Output Module                  2 Ea.       IC630MDL380A                 840611
Output Module                  1 Ea.       IC630MDL375B                 841111
West Temp. Control          1 Ea.       N4401 Z270000 G000        059787 002 004                                 
West Temp. Control          1 Ea.       PYZ4TAY1-4V                   123736T
Cutler-Hammer Relay        1 Ea.       Type M                                Parts-Pub. D23M-2 "7-78-54"

Price:  $ 250.00 for all.  Will consider selling individual components, but prefer
all at once.    15 days Right of Return, if not satisfied.





Item# 03-3089 -   Case 580B Loader Backhoe: 

Tight pins & bushings,
Recent Rear End Rebuild and Recent Brakes. 
 4-Way Loader Bucket, Recent Transmission Rebuild. 
Location:   Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Price:  $14,500





If you have questions on the items on this page, please email us at or give
us a call at 208-765-6854 Pacific Time Zone. Be sure to include the item number for reference.