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Item # Brand Description Work Zone Operating Temp Price
17-4090 IHE Mesh Belt Temper 10"H x 48"W x 12' heating 1000F $29,500
17-4089 Despatch Electric Batch Oven 37"H x 37"W x 25"D   $8,000
16-4066 Epcon Composite Curing Oven / Heat Treat Oven 30'L x 12'W x 12'H 800F $215,000
16-4065 Despatch Indirect Gas-Fired Oven 12'L x 8'W x 7'H 550F Offer
16-4029 Despatch Indirect Gas-Fired Oven 6'W x 10'8"D x 6'6"H 400F $22,500
16-4020 NDA Cryogenic Twin Tank 27" x 39" x 31"Deep -346F $6,500
16-3988 MEI Cryogenic Unit, twin tank 43"W x 48"H x 48"D -310F to 500F $97,000
16-3987 MEI Cryogenic Units (3ea.) 96"L x 48"D x 48"H -310F to 500F $97,000
16-3979 Guspro Heat Cleaning Oven 54"W x 48"D x 45"H 1000F $2,000
16-3974 Grieve Conveyor Oven 24"W x 14"H x 42'L 650F $42,000
16-3973 Pifco Conveyor Oven 72"W x 12"H x 25'L 600F $59,000
16-3954 Wisconsin Recirculated Oven 60"W x 90"H x 105"L 650F $24,000
16-3937 Despatch Alum Drop Bottom 4'W x 4'D x 6'H   $95,000
16-3935 Despatch Recirculating Aging Oven 5'W x 6'L x 5'H 395F $12,500
16-3648 Despatch 3 Station Lift Off Oven 22"W x 40"L x 25"H 850F $14,900
16-3911 Oliver Aluminum Aging Oven 50'L x 9'W x 6'H 500F $29,000
16-3909 Eisenmann Large Box Temper Ovens 108"W x 96"D x 64"H 1200F $72,500ea
16-3907 Despatch Recirculating Walk-in Oven 66"H x 54"W x 68"D 650F $13,500
16-3894 JLS Redditch Gas Heated Oven 900W x 200D x 450H mm 750C £9,500
13-3729 AOV Alum Drop Bottom 3ft Dia. x 3ft High 1200F $45,000
13-3727 Wisconsin Ov. Alum. Drop Bottom (2) 60"W x 84" L x 90.75" H 1200F $145,000
09-3476 Grieve Grieve Oven 36" W x 36" H x 48" D 500F max $3,500







Item# 17-4090-1   Continuous Mesh Belt Temper Furnace

Manufacturer:  Industrial Heating Equipment
Model:   TF-5
Heater:  Gas-Fired, Eclipse package burner
Work Zone: 10" over belt, 48" wide x 12' heating
Max Operating Temperature: 1000F
Controls: Free-standing enclosed panel. Solid state digital readout indicating controller and overtemp.
Top-mounted brick-lined combustion chamber houses high velocity stainless steel circulating fan. Steel lined work chamber has 8-1/2" insulation. Stainless steel mesh belt on top of edge wire belt.
Very good condition.
Price: $29,500








Item# 17-4089-1   Despatch Electric Batch Oven

Manufacturer:  Despatch
Model:   V-29-STD
Heater:  Electric 480/3/60, 12 kW
Work Zone: 37"H x 37"W x 25"D
Controls: Partlow indicating controller and Honeywell overtemp, timer
Double swing doors. Side-mounted recirculating fan. Adjustable horizontal air flow. Provisions for 12 shelves, 4 shelves included. Powered exhaust blower. Oven has been checked out and test fired and is ready for immediate shipment. Excellent condition. 
Price: $8,000









Item# 16-4066   Composite Curing Oven / Heat Treat Oven

Manufacturer:  Epcon
Heater:  Inconel, 900 KW
Temperature:  800F (see uniformity info below)
Work Zone: 30'L x 12'W x 12'H
Overall Dim: 31'3"L x 17'4.5"W x 22'4.5"H
Recirculation Fans:
     Type: Two N.Y.B. Size 40 Plug Fans
     Capacity: 33,000 CFM Each
     Motor HP: 30 HP-Each (480V/60HZ/3PH)
Exhaust Fan:
     Type: N.Y.B. Series 20 GI, Size 224DH
     Capacity: 4,000 CFM
     Motor HP: 5 HP (480V/60HZ/3PH)
Interior: 18 Ga. Aluminized Steel
Exterior: 18 Ga. Carbon Steel
Includes vacuum system for curing composites
Insulation: 8# Density Mineral Wool, 7" thickness
Flow Direction: Cross Flow (Horizontal)
Control Panel: NEMA-12
Power Supply: 480V/60HZ/3PH
Doors: Double Swing
Condition: Excellent
Uniformity: As a composite oven, surveys were not required. But to get a rough idea of temperature uniformity, a crude survey was run on 1-26-2017. An area 8'W x 20'L was tested with a 9-point flat-plane survey at 4' above the floor. Results indicate uniformity of +/- 6F at 300F; +/- 12F at 500F; and +/- 20F at 800F.
Price: $215,000                 Location: Rocky Mountain States








Item# 16-4065   Despatch Indirect Gas-Fired Oven

Manufacturer:  Despatch
Model:   S-350
Serial:   57584
Heater:  Gas-fired
Temperature:  550F
Work Zone: 12'L x 8'W x 7'H
Overall Dim: 12'10"L x 10'4"W x 12'8"H
Volts:  P-220, C-220
Phase:  P-3, C-1
Cycle:  60 Hz
Price: All Offers Considered









Item# 16-4029   Despatch Indirect Gas-Fired Oven

Model PSC3-38S-IG, S/N 151424-L
Operating temperature 400F; 700,000 BTU indirect burner
Interior dimensions 6
’W x 10’8”D x 6’6”H, overall body dimensions 9’5”w x 11’7”D x 12’H
16 full load amps, aluminized steel interior, adjustable louvers, vacuum ports, T/C junction box, disconnect switch, hi-limit, programmable controller, audible alarm, chart recorder, forced exhaust system.

Price:   $22,500







Item# 16-4020-1   Cryogenic Stainless Twin Tank

Manufactured by NDA Engineering in 2006. Operating temperature to -346F. 240 Volt. from Internal dimensions left hand side  70cm x 65cm x 80 cm deep  (364 litres), right hand side 70cm x 100cm x 80cm deep (560 litres)
Price:   $6,500        Located in New Zealand





Item# 16-3988-1   Cryogenic Unit

2 chamber, each chamber 43" wide X 48" high, X 48" deep. Manufactured by MEI, Model #98-128. Capable of -310F to + 500F. 128 cubic foot capacity. Load capacity 10,000 pounds. Interior 10 gauge SS. Exterior 16 gauge SS (painted. Front Loading. Watlow-F4 Series controller. 2 circulating fans and motors. Convection heating. Controls 120V, fan & heater 208 V. Pneumatic 100PSI. Control Panel side mounted. Front loading with two doors, swing from front. Temperature range -310F to +500F (+-3F). Exteriors dimensions of 119" long X 90" high (plus 24" for motors), depth 79" (plus 6 1/2" for electrical boxes. 700,000 BTU gas heating has been added to unit. Massive industrial heavy grade units. Completely rewired and painted. Like new condition but approximately half the price of new.
Price:   $97,000





Item# 16-3987-1   Cryogenic Units (3 available)

Manufactured by MEI, Model #98-128. Capable of -310F to + 500F. 128 cubic foot capacity. Internal dimensions of 96" long X 48" deep X 48" high. Load capacity 10,000 pounds. Interior 10 gauge SS. Exterior 16 gauge SS (painted. Front Loading. Watlow-F4 Series controller. 2 circulating fans and motors. Convection heating. Controls 120V, fan & heater 208 V. Pneumatic 100PSI. Control Panel side mounted. Front loading with two doors, swing from front. Temperature range -310F to +500F (+-3F). Exteriors dimensions of 119" long X 90" high (plus 24" for motors), depth 79" (plus 6 1/2" for electrical boxes. 700,000 BTU gas heating has been added to each unit. Massive industrial heavy grade units. Completely rewired and painted. Like new condition but approximately half the price of new.
Price:   $97,000 each






Item# 16-3979-1     Guspro Heat Cleaning Oven

Model G0484039ED51P354N, S/N C366. Working dimensions of 54” wide X 48” deep X 45” high. Process chamber has an operating temperature of 1,000F. Oxidizer chamber has an operating temperature of 1200-1600F. Complete and installed but not in use. Reasonable condition.
Price:  $ 2,000 obo     








Item# 16-3974-1     Grieve Conveyor Oven

Electrically heated 460/3/60/160kW/235 Amps. Maximum operating temperature of 650F. Working dimensions of 24” wide X 14” high X 42’ long. Controls; A Barber Colman 560 digital programmable temperature controller and a Barber Colman high limit safety. All control switches with indicating lights are flush mounted in the enclosure. SCR power controllers, high limit contactors, motor starters, fuses, relays etc. are mounted and wired inside the enclosure. Main power disconnect circuit breaker with panel mounted operator handle. Standard conveyor oven design with a flat wire conveyor belt. Three foot long charge table followed by a 42 foot long heating section divided into 2 zones of control. Each zone has separate heating elements and circulating fan located above the work chamber. Heated air is circulated down over the top of the belt for good uniform heating. Exhaust vents located on the top of each chamber. Access doors on the side for entrance into each zone. 4' long discharge table is included with this oven. Very good condition.
Price:  $ 42,000








Item# 16-3973-1     Pifco Conveyor Oven

Electrically heated 2 zone conveyor oven 480/3/60/144 kW. Maximum operating temperature of 600F. Work area; 72"W x 12"H x 25'L heated length. External dimensions 9'W x 10'H x 40'L – approx.. Controls; Mounted and wired in a free standing panel includes an Allen Bradley PLC with PanelView Plus 1000 touchscreen interface. Power to the heating elements are controlled through two (2) Allen Bradley "SCR" power controllers, one (1) for each zone. An Allen Bradley PowerFlex "VFD" controls oven conveyor belt speed. Standard two (2) zone electrically heated conveyor oven with a wire on edge belt. This oven has a 10'L load end and 8'L unload end with cooling. Access doors with "Brixon" door latches on both sides of oven and one in each heating chamber. Very good condition.
Price:  $ 59,000








Item# 16-3954     Wisconsin Recirculating Oven:

Manufacturer:  Wisconsin Oven
Model/Type:   SWT-5098-E3
Work Zone:  60" Wide x 90" Height x 105" Deep
Operating Temp: 650F

4000 CFM @ 3HP Recirculation
480 Volt, 3 Phase, Approx. 65 Amps
Exhaust: 515 CFM @ 1/2HP
Price:  $ 24,000                                                           Location: Mid-Western US






Item# 16-3937     Drop Bottom Aluminum Solution Treating Oven:

Manufacturer:  Despatch
Model/Type:   Bottom Load Aluminum Solution Treating Oven
Work Zone:  4ft Wide x 4ft Deep x 6ft High
Baskets:   Not included, but design info is available
Quench Tank:  Not included, but buyer is welcome to see & copy existing one
Note:  Installed new as 3 each drop bottom ovens with one, shared tank.  Seller is keeping two drop bottom ovens and the tank but is selling the 3rd one as they do not need that much capacity and they do need the floor space.
This oven has been out of service since 2007.
Footprint:  Approx. 94”Wide x 14.5ft Long (door frame) x approx. 24ft High.  7ft Tall legs.
Controls:  Built by Tadesko Thermal Technology specifically for this oven.
Price:  $ 95,000   Offers will be considered                         Location:  Pacific Northwestern U.S.






Item# 16-3935     Despatch Recirculating Aging Oven:

Manufacturer:  Despatch  (still in business to support it)
Model:  Style S
Ser. No.:  53728
Max. Temperature:  395F
Heating:  Electric,  85 KW
Power Input:  460V/3Ph/60Hz
Work Zone:  5’W x 6’L x 5’H
Footprint:  10’W x 9’L x ~14’H
Floor:  Insulated with Tracks
Other:  Idle since 2008.  New SCR in 2012, but not run since installed.

Price:  $12,500                       Location:  Western U.S.





Item# 16-3648     High-Productivity, 3-station, Lift-Off Temper/Oven:

Rebuilt ~ 1980, 3-Station, Temper Furnace,
Mfr:  Despatch Industries, Inc.
Type:   3 Independently loaded and operated furnace stations with
            shared panel.  Tops elevate off bases for loading and unloading.
Work Zone:  22”W x 40”L x 25”H Each
Hearth Height:  Estimated at 36-40” (Can measure for you)
Max. Temperature:  850
Uniformity:  +/- 25
ºF  (Center area of 12”W x 20”L x 10”H meets +/-10ºF)
Heat:   Electric
Power:  490V/3Ph/60Hz
Controls:  3 Each, West 4400 Temperature Contrl. & West 6700 Hi-Limit
                 (We can quote upgrade to new Super Systems, Inc. controls,
                   if desired.) 
Condition:  New heating elements, new hearth ceramics, New Stainless
                   steel side panels, new paint. 
Comment:  Would be great for a 325
ºF-550ºF +/-25ºF Temper
Location:  Pacific Northwestern U.S.
Price:  $14,900, Offers considered.





Item# 16-3911-1     Oliver Aluminum Aging Oven:

Manufactured by Oliver Machinery Company, Model B-9650. Working dimensions of 50’ long X 9’ wide X 6’ high. Natural gas heating, 2.5 BTUH with an operating temperature of 365F and a maximum operating temperature of 500F. Temperature uniformity of +-15F. Maximum oven load is 15,000 pounds. Doors at either end to allow for loading/unloading. Currently installed and in very good condition.
Price:   $29,000 plus removal costs





Item# 16-3909-1     Large Box Tempering Ovens (4 available):

Built by Eisenmann in 2002, Model # HN-FNC-002. Working dimensions of 108” Wide x 96” Deep x 64” High. Natural gas fired, 3.2 million BTU’s per hour. Operating temperature of 1200F.

Description: Stainless Steel Lined Recirculating Box Tempering Oven complete with Top-Mounted Alloy Recirculating Fan (20 HP – 13,000 CFM), Rear-Mounted Heater Box with Eclipse Burner System, Alloy Skid Hearth, Forced Cool Down Fan System (7,333 CFM), Vertical Rising Motor Driven Front Door, and Stationary Loading Table.

Instrumentation: Free Standing Control Panel with Eurotherm Digital Set Point Programmable Temperature Controller, High Limit, Chessel Strip Chart Recorder, and Honeywell Flame Safety System.

Overall Dimensions:   Oven:  13’ Wide x 20’ Long x 17’8” High (includes Door Structure.  (Shipping Dimensions:  12’6” Wide x 20’ Long x 10’8” High). Loader:  9’6” Wide x 12” Long x 4’ High. Approximate weight 20,000 pounds. Excellent condition, operational.

Price:   $72,500 each





Item# 16-3907-1     Despatch Recirculating Walk-in Oven:

Manufacturer: Despatch. Inside Dimensions: 66”high x 54”wide x 68”deep. Heated: Gas fired. DG-300 Heater. Temperature: 650 deg.F. Model Number: V-41. Serial Number: 96267. Temperature Controls: Partlow indicating controller and overtemp. Description & Features: Double swing open doors, horizontal air flow, insulated floor with tracks for a cart, powered exhaust blower, top mounted combustion and fan chamber. Atmospheric type burner system. Complete combustion controls and safeties. Oven will be cleaned and painted, checked out and test fired prior to shipment.
Price:   $13,500






Item# 16-3894-1    JLS Redditch Gas Heated Oven:

Year of manufacture, 2000. S/N:00/4665.
Completely refurbished.
Internal size: 900w x 500d x 450h.
Operating 750C.
Price:   £9,500                                   
Location:   Europe











Item# 13-3729 - Small Aluminum Drop Bottom Oven:


AOV Aluminum Drop Bottom Oven System
Model:  DBF-3X3-E
Electric Heat, 480V/3Ph/60Hz
Work Zone:  3ft Dia. x 3ft H  
Includes Quench tank. 
Temperature Rating:  1200˚F

Controls are included but need to be replaced.
Price:  $ 45,000 Offers Considered                                          Location:  Mid-Western US









Item# 13-3727 - Aluminum Drop Bottom Dual Oven System:


1992 Wisconsin Oven, Dual Oven Aluminum Drop Bottom Solution Treating System,
Originally installed when new at McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) in St. Louis, Mo.
2 Ovens, Quench & Rinse Tanks, Platforms, Doors, Chiller, Power Supplies.

Controls are included but need to be replaced.
Work Zone:  60"W x 84"L x 90-3/4"H each oven, Temp. 800-1200˚F
Maximum Load: 500 lbs Aluminum or Steel per load

Quench delay: 7 seconds

Indirect Heating, +/-10F when new, Recirculation Fan, Electric, 288 kW each, 346 Amps each.

Has not been used since removal from McDonnell Douglas facility.  Steel support structure is missing (est. $10K to replace). All the major components are there. Could be set back up as a dual-oven, shared quench tank system or as two independent systems.

Instruction Manual, and Component Manuals
Full Set of Assembly, Wiring and Piping Diagrams
Price:  $ 145,000 for all   Offers Considered                 Location:  Mid-Western US












Item # 09-3476 - 500F Grieve Oven


Grieve Oven, Rated 500F, exhaust fan (no circulation fan)
Work Zone approx. 36" W x 36" H x 48" D
Price: $3,500        Location: Rocky Mountain Time Zone









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