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Reduce the Smoke from your draw and temper furnaces by getting
the oil and sediment out of your parts washer's water.

The SmartSkim® system uses plate flow technology to separate both
quench oils and sediments from your washer fluids and then remove
them.  As a result your smoke problems with your draw and temper 
furnaces can be greatly reduced.

Listen to a recent letter received by Universal Separators, Inc,. from 
Norm Hansen, Thermex Metal Treating, Ltd. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada:

"Just a quick note to give you my comments on the SmartSkim oil skimmer that we
purchased from you.  We installed it on a batch spray washer that we use in line
with a 30" x 48" x 30" internal quench furnace.  We used to use a disc style skimmer
previously, with only marginal results.

The SmartSkim® has vastly improved the oil removal from the wash water, 
resulting in a significant reduction in smoke from the tempering furnaces, cleaner
parts, and vastly improved oil recovery.  The unit requires very little maintenance,
and just keeps on ticking away day after day."

Norman Hanson, P.Eng.
Thermex Metal Treating Ltd.

(October, 2004)

Oil dragged out of your parts washers into draw furnaces creates smoke. If you keep the oil out of your washers, you eliminate smoke. Many plants assume they have to live with smoke and buy expensive smoke remediation equipment such as the device shown above. These are expensive to buy and very costly to operate. As you can see they also don’t work very well. Smoke escapes and contaminates your plant and escapes out the stacks. This is a worker health and safety issue. It also looks terrible to your customers and reflects poorly on your plant management. SmartSkim™ eliminates smoke by effectively removing floating oil from your washers.

To learn more about how the SmartSkim® system can improve your
oil/water separation and solve problems in your heat treating shop,
please contact us, or visit the SmartSkim® web site at www.smartskim.com


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