News: Heat Treat Seminar



Super Systems held a Heat Treat Seminar in Portland on September 13th.


We covered a range of heat treating control topics, such as AMS 2750E, CQI-9, and troubleshooting atmosphere control issues. The seminar was well attended and received.


If you are interested in more training from Super Systems, please contact us about their Customer Training classes. These are held at the SSi facility in Cincinnati Ohio a few times a year.




New SSi Products:

1. "CAT-100":  Furnace Carbon Determination System, Replaces or augments
                       shim stock testing with answers in minutes after pulling your sample
                       from the furnace.  Excellent accuracy.

2.  "e-Trim" Burner Management System (follow link for details)

3.   "Portable Low-Range DPL4000 Dewpointer" :  Measure your incoming nitrogen
                    or argon dewpoint quickly and easily.



Information on Super Systems, Inc. Products and Services:







If you have questions on the items on this page, please email us at or give us a call at 208-765-6854 Pacific Time Zone. Be sure to include the item number for reference.




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