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Batch Air, Temper & Draw Furnaces



We have many batch air furnaces available.  Just let us know your needs and we will get you information on several good choices.  We don't try to list them all here, but can get you a good array to choose from once we know your needs.

Item # Brand Description Temp Price
17-4136 Grieve Temper Furnace 1250F $7,000
17-4135 Eclipse Recirculating Box Temper Draw 1250F $39,500
17-4134 Eisenmann Natural Gas Fired Temper 1200F $55,000
17-4125 Sfc Comb Temper Furnaces (2 ea.) 36"W x 48"D x 30"H 1250F $29,500ea
17-4113   Car Bottom, 74"x84"x84" 1500F $8,250
17-4111 Lindberg Air Atmosphere Box 2000F $65,000
17-4110 Ipsen Recirculating Box Furnace 1400F $39,500
17-4100 Pac. Sci. Box Draw Furnace, 24"W x 36"L x 18"H 1350F $6,000 obo
17-4097 Lindberg Box, Electric, 42"H x 48"W x 14'L 2000F $85,000
17-4091 Lindberg Recirculating, 24"H x 24"W x 36"D 1250F $18,500
17-4090 IHE Mesh Belt Temper 10"H x 48"W x 12' 1000F $29,500
17-4076 Ipsen Sealed Quench Line   £95,000
16-4062 Waltz Temper furnace, 24"Wx36"Lx18"H 1350F Offer
16-4061 Ipsen Temper furnace, 24"Wx24"Lx20"H   Offer
16-4049 Sfc Comb Temper furnace, 36"W x 30"H x 48"D 1400F $29,500
16-4025 AGF Rotary Temper Furnace, Retort Dia. 36", 16' long, Gas 1200F $25,000
16-3978 Pacific Electronic Draw Temper, 22" x 33" x 4"  1350F  $4,300 
16-3976 Ipsen  Temper Furnace, 36"W x 24"H x 48"L 1200F  $19,500 
16-3975 Despatch  Box Temper, 42"W x 72"L x 42"H 1350F  $29,500
16-3965 Safed/Borel Annealing Furnace, 400mm Dia. x 500mm Height 1200F T.B.D.
16-3941 Huber Carbottom Furnace, 10'4"W x 12'8"L x 8'H 2000F $85,000
16-3648 Despatch 3-Station Electric Temper Furnace  Price Reduced! 850F $20,000
16-3909 Eisenmann Large Box Tempering Ovens (x4), 108"W x 96"D x 64"H 1200F $72,500 ea
16-3905 Pifco Temper Furnace, 126"L x 60"W x 40"H 950F $38,000
15-3881 Grieve Box Oven HX-1000 1000F $8,900
15-3882 Grienve Box Temper HX-1250-E 1250F $10,900
14-3852 Lindberg Car Bottom Kiln 4′ W x 8′L x 4′ H 2600F $35,000obo
14-3821 Lucifer Furnace 24” W x 36”D x 24” H 1650F $14,500
14-3806 Sauder Auto Tilt Tip-Up Car-Bottom Temper Fnc, 8ft x 30ft x 5ftH 1400F $159,000



Item# 17-4136  Box Temper Furnace

Manufacturer: Grieve
Model: HC-1250
Max Temperature: 1250F
Work Zone: 50"W x 40"W x 48"T
Fan: 4200 CFM, 5 H.P. motor
Overall Dimensions: 97"W x 96"D x 136"H
3 Phase, 460V, 165A, 120KW
Control Panel included
Description: This is a great furnace if you are willing to do some repairs. The following items need repairs: Some elements, fan motor, controls, louvre/stud, door seal, minor cracks at base of door (just need welding).
Location: Western US

Price: $7,000





Item# 17-4135-2   Recirculating Box Temper Draw, Gas-Fired

Manufacturer: Eclipse
Gas-Fired Recirculating Box-type Temper Draw Furnace
Model: Box Draw
Working dimensions: 30"H x 42"W x 96"D
Temperature: 1250°F.
Temperature Controls: Updated controls, Honeywell indicating controller and overtemp, circular chart recorder.
Description & Features: Vertical lift air operated door. Brick lined. Alloy roller rail hearth. Seven adjustable roof baffles. Rear combustion chamber with atmospheric burner and high velocity recirculating fan. Complete combustion controls and safeties. Includes manual load table.
Condition: Very Good, Operational
Location: Midwest

Price: $39,500






Item# 17-4134-1   Gas Fired Temper Furnace

Manufacturer: Eisenmann in 2002.
Model HN-FNC-006
Working dimensions: 108” Wide x 96” Deep x 64” High.
Natural Gas (3,200,000 BTU/HR).
Operating temperature of 1200F.
Stainless Steel Lined Recirculating Box Tempering Oven complete with Top-Mounted Alloy Recirculating Fan (20 HP – 13,000 CFM), Rear-Mounted Heater Box with Eclipse Burner System, Alloy Skid Hearth, Forced Cool Down Fan System (7,333 CFM), Vertical Rising Motor Driven Front Door, and Stationary Loading Table. Free Standing Control Panel with Eurotherm Digital Set Point Programmable Temperature Controller, High Limit, Chessel Strip Chart Recorder, and Honeywell Flame Safety System. Overall dimensions of 13’2″ Wide x 23’ Long x 17’8” High (includes Door Structure). Approximate weight of 32,000 pounds. Excellent condition.

Price: $55,000







Item# 17-4125-1   Surface Combustion Temper Furnaces

Manufacturer:  Surface Combustion
Gas-Fired Temper Furnaces (2 available)
Work Zone: 36"W x 48"L x 30"H
Operating Temperature: 1250F
Standard guillotine style door.
Alloy and brickwork in good condition.

Price: $29,500





Item# 17-4113-1   Air Atmosphere Box Furnace

Electrically heated with a maximum temperature of 1500°F.
Price: $8,250






Item# 17-4111-1   Air Atmosphere Box Furnace

Manufacturer:  Lindberg Model# 11-ROMT-243624-20
Electrically Heated: 40 KW
Work Zone: 24"W x 36"L x 24"H
Max Operating Temperature: 2000F
Capacity: 1,200 lbs. @ 2,000°F.
Elect. Input: 480/3/60. SCCR Rating: 65 KW. F.L.A.: 5 AMPs. Elect. Drawing: 7315-1134-OOA. Largest Motor/Load: 40 KW. Control Panel is included. Manufactured Date: September 2016. Never used this unit is available for immediate delivery with a full warranty.

Price: $65,000





Item# 17-4110-1   Recirculating Box Furnace

Manufacturer:  Ipsen Model# DL-3036
Gas-fired:  1,000,000 BTU/hr
Work Zone: 43"W x 48"L x 38"H
Max Operating Temperature: 1400F
Updated controls: Honeywell indicating controller and overtemp.
High temperature tempering furnace.
Vertical lift air operated door with overhead air cylinder. Fiber board insulation. Alloy roller rail hearth. Rear located combustion chamber with high velocity roof mounted circulating fan. Top mounted package burner. Complete combustion controls and safeties. 460/3/60 power. Test fired prior to shipment.

Price: $39,500






Item# 17-4100   Draw / Temper Box Furnace

Manufacturer:  Pacific Scientific Model# FA243618
Heater:  Electric, 240V, 3 Ph, 35 kW
Work Zone: 24"W x 36"L x 18"H
Max Operating Temperature: 1350F
Gas circulation fan in rear of furnace.
Uniformity: +/- 10F
Owner can load the furnace on a truck at their location (no rigging required).
Furnace weighs about 3,000 lbs.
Comes with a panel and a loose high limit controller.
Price: $6,000 or best offer






Item# 17-4097-1   Lindberg Box Furnace

Manufacturer:  Lindberg
Heater:  Electric, 480/3/60, 160 kW
Work Zone: 48"W x 14'D x 42"H
Operating Temperature: 2000F
Temperature Controls: Free standing enclosed panel with updated Honeywell controls, including circular chart recorder, SCR controls, back up contactors and step down transformers for the heating elements.
Description & Features: Fiber lined. Heated by Nichrome ribbon heating elements on both side walls. Two zones of control. Air cylinder operated door. Includes motor driven load/unload system. 8000 pound capacity. Originally installed at Boeing.  Condition: Good. Vendor will repair the back wall, replace all broken element hanger modules and provide and install serviceable heating elements.
Price: $85,000






Item# 17-4091-1   Recirculating Box Draw Furnace

Manufacturer:  Lindberg
Model:   243624-E12
Heater:  Electric, 460/3/60, 42 kW
Work Zone: 24"W x 36"D x 24"H
Operating Temperature: 1250F
Controls: Upgraded control panel with new temperature controls.
Standard "Cyclone" design. Coild Nichrome heating elements are housed in a separate chamber. A high velocity paddle wheel fan delivers the heat to the work chamber and provides good uniformity. Air cylinder operated vertical rising door. Brick lined. Roller hearth. Furnace will be cleaned and painted, checked out and test fired prior to shipment.
Guaranteed operational.
Note: Furnace can be reconnected to operate on 230/3/60.
Very good condition.
Price: $18,500





Item# 17-4090-1   Continuous Mesh Belt Temper Furnace

Manufacturer:  Industrial Heating Equipment
Model:   TF-5
Heater:  Gas-Fired, Eclipse package burner
Work Zone: 10" over belt, 48" wide x 12' heating
Max Operating Temperature: 1000F
Controls: Free-standing enclosed panel. Solid state digital readout indicating controller and overtemp.
Top-mounted brick-lined combustion chamber houses high velocity stainless steel circulating fan. Steel lined work chamber has 8-1/2" insulation. Stainless steel mesh belt on top of edge wire belt.
Very good condition.
Price: $29,500





Item# 17-4076   Ipsen Sealed Quench Line

Located in Europe. This line is currently installed but shut down very recently. Used for hardening and carburizing. Condition generally good. Asking Price £95,000. Does not include dismantling, packing, export and delivery. Line consists of the following items:

  1. Ipsen TQF-7-EM Sealed Quench furnaces built in 1975. Electric heating. Load size 600kg. Forced cool fan in vestibule. Chamber size:  760 wide x 1220 long x 510 high mm.
  2. Ipsen TQF-8-GRM Sealed quench furnace built in 1983. Gas heating with Recuperative burners. Load size 600kg.Forced cool fan in vestibule. Chamber size: 760 wide x 1220 long x 610 high mm.
  3. Ipsen Tempering Furnace DAC-8-GR built in 1983 Gas heated by indirect radiant tubes. Can be used with an atmosphere with internal forced cooling. Load size 600kg: Chamber size: 760 wide x 1220 long x 610 high mm.
  4. Ipsen Tempering Furnace DLRC-7-E built in 1976. Electrically heated with spiral wound elements. Load size 600 kg. Chamber size :   760 wide x 1220 long x 510 high mm
  5. Ipsen Parts Washer Model WPD-4-G Gas Fired.
  6. Ipsen Loader.
  7. Ipsen Unloader.
  8. Ipsen Endo Gas Generator Model G-1500-G built in 1983. Gas fired. 1500 CFH. Can be easily upgraded to  produce 2000 CFH.
  9. Dewpointer, industrial scales and portable hardness tester also included.







Item# 16-4062   Waltz Temper

Model:  WF694RAR     S/N:  34242044916-1402
Input Power:  220V/440V (either)
Heat Power:  56 kW
Age:  Feg. 1966
Work Zone:  24" x 24" x 20"
Temp:    ??
Ship Wt:  2500#
Price: Make an offer






Item# 16-4061   Ipsen Temper

Model ADLA-400-G    S/N:   51327 (sold new to FPM)
Gas-fired, radiant tube, atmosphere capable
(bottom of Waukee flowmeter is missing)
Work Zone:  24" x 36" x 18"H
Temp:   1350F (probably)
Age:  6/20/1963
Price: Make an offer






Item# 16-4049-1   Surface Combustion Temper

Model # HFC 36-54-30.
Serial #BC-39361-1A.
Working dimensions of 36” wide X 30” high X 48” deep.
Gas fired-700,000 BTU’s.
Operating temperature of 1400F.
480/3/60 voltage.
Good condition.

Price: $29,500







Item# 16-4025-1    AGF Rotary Temper Furnace

Model RCTP5-5D-3618 manufactured by American Gas Furnace Company. Retort diameter 36”, 16’ long. Gas fired. Capable of 1200F. Eclipse burners. Overall length 23.5’, width 64.5”, height 10’ 11”. Very good overall condition.
Price $25,000






Item# 16-3978-1    Electronic Draw Temper

Age: unknown, Condition: good condition. Working Zone Dimensions: 22" X33" X4". Volume; 1.68CFT . Temp range: 750°-1350°. Uniformity: +/- 10°F. Heating method: Electric. Max Load Capacity: 200lbs. Control T/C Type: K. Load T/C Type: K. Atmosphere: Air/nitrogen. Quench Media: Air
Price:   $ 4,300






Item# 16-3976-1    Ipsen Temper Furnace

Standard Ipsen design tempering furnace with vertical lift door, full width roller hearth and cermamic fiber board insulation. Door jambs are brick. Bottom mounted recirculating fan distributes the heated air. Gas train and combustion system is mounted to the right hand side of furnace. Manual load/unload table is included.Mounted and wired in a free standing enclosure attached to the furnace includes Honeywell UDC digital controllers and process timer etc. Heated: Natural Gas - 250,000 BTU's. Model Number:DLR-11-G. Serial Number:57904. Max. Temperature:1200°F. Voltage:230/3/60/20 Amps. Work Area:36"W x 24"H x 48"L. External Dimensions:6'W x 10'H x 8'L.
Price:   $ 19,500





Item# 16-3975-1    Despatch Box Temper

Manufactured by Despatch Industries this is a Model WB73, S/N 119895. Working dimensions of 42"W x 72"L x 42"H, Overall dimensions are 97” wide X 103” long X 148” deep. Weight 11,500 pounds.  Electrically heated 480V/120KW/3 Phase, maximum operating temperature 1350F. Digital temperature control and high limit control with a circular chart recorder. Air operated vertical lift door. Heated air is circulated by 2 roof mounted belt driven fans. Power to the elements is through SCR control. Air safety switches monitoring both fans will terminate power to the elements in the event of fan failure. There are provisions for two shelves, but no shelves are included. Tested and complete.
Price:   $ 29,500






Item# 16-3965-1    Safed/Borel Annealing Furnace:

built in 1991. The working dimensions consist of: Diameter 400 mm, Height 500 mm. External Dimensions: 1800 mm x 1767 mm x 2412 mm. Maximum Temperature: 650 C with a maximum load capacity of 100 kg (not including baskets). Main voltage is 3 x 400V / 50 Hz, Control voltage is 230V / 24V. This setup includes a Eurotherm programmer, threshold controller, recorder, programmable clock, timing relay, control for water flow, vacuum pump, pressure reducer, and fire engine. Please call or email for pricing.






Item# 16-3941-1    Carbottom Furnace:

Manufactured by Huber.
This is a gas fired car type furnace.
Maximum operating temperature of 2000F.
Working dimensions of 10’ 4” wide X 12’ 8” long X 8’ high.
Overall dimensions of 16’ wide X 16” long X 14’ high.
Gas fired.
Electricity requirements; 480 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz.
Controls; Watlow digital controller, Honeywell digital overtemp and Honeywell digital recorder.
Power driven car with (3) three sets of axles.
Door is attached to furnace.
Furnace is fibre lined and equipped with (4) four power flame model JD 130 package burners.
Approximately 1,300,000 btu’s each. 






Item# 16-3648    3-Station Despatch Temper Furnace:

Manufactured ~1980, 3-Station, Temper Furnace,
Mfr:  Despatch Industries, Inc.
Type:   3 Independently loaded and operated furnace stations with
            shared panel.  Tops elevate off bases for loading and unloading.
Work Zone:  22”W x 40”L x 25”H Each
Hearth Height:  Estimated at 36-40” (Can measure for you)
Max. Temperature:  850ºF
Uniformity:  +/- 25ºF  (Center area of 12”W x 20”L x 10”H meets +/-10ºF)
Heat:   Electric
Power:  490V/3Ph/60Hz
Controls:  3 Each, West 4400 Temperature Contrl. & West 6700 Hi-Limit
                 (We can quote upgrade to new Super Systems, Inc. controls,
                   if desired.) 
Condition:  Just rebuilt. New heating elements, new hearth ceramics, New stainless
                   steel side panels, new paint.
Comment:  Would be great for a 325ºF-550ºF +/-25ºF Temper
Location:  Pacific Northwestern U.S.
Price:  $20,000    Offers considered.   Price reduced!





Item# 16-3909-1     Large Box Tempering Ovens (4 available):

Built by Eisenmann in 2002, Model # HN-FNC-002. Working dimensions of 108” Wide x 96” Deep x 64” High. Natural gas fired, 3.2 million BTU’s per hour. Operating temperature of 1200F.

Description: Stainless Steel Lined Recirculating Box Tempering Oven complete with Top-Mounted Alloy Recirculating Fan (20 HP – 13,000 CFM), Rear-Mounted Heater Box with Eclipse Burner System, Alloy Skid Hearth, Forced Cool Down Fan System (7,333 CFM), Vertical Rising Motor Driven Front Door, and Stationary Loading Table.

Instrumentation: Free Standing Control Panel with Eurotherm Digital Set Point Programmable Temperature Controller, High Limit, Chessel Strip Chart Recorder, and Honeywell Flame Safety System.

Overall Dimensions:   Oven:  13’ Wide x 20’ Long x 17’8” High (includes Door Structure.  (Shipping Dimensions:  12’6” Wide x 20’ Long x 10’8” High). Loader:  9’6” Wide x 12” Long x 4’ High. Approximate weight 20,000 pounds. Excellent condition, operational.

Price:   $72,500 each





Item# 16-3905-1     Pifco Temper Furnace:

S/N 8177 built in 1988. Working dimensions of 126" long x 60" wide x 40" high. Overall dimensions of 13’ x 11’ x 11’ high. Comes with load and unload discharge tables and combustion fan. Maximum operating temperature 950 deg. F. Rated for 250 pound net weight x 37.4in long tray loaded every 15 minutes. Furnace holds three (3) trays. Approximate nineteen (19) minutes to operating temperature. Forty-five minutes in furnace @ 15 minute load cycle. Heated by one gas burner approximate rating 600,000 BTU/hour. Utilities required:  1000 BTU natural gas @ 5PSI, 480v 3Ph 60Hxz. Water 80 deg. F maximum @ 20PSI. Compressed air 60PSIG minimum. Adequate drain for water. Good condition.
Price:   $38,000





Item# 15-3881  -  Electric Box Oven:

Grieve Model# HX-1000 Electric Oven, 
Max. Temp:  1000ºF, +/- 10ºF Uniformity,
Circulated Air:  1000 CFM, 3/4 H.P. Fan Motor
Insulation Thickness:  8"
Doors:  Single
Rated Work Zone:  38"W x 20"D x 26"H (Measures 36"W x 19"D x 25"H)

Power Rating:  20 kW
New Upgraded Controls:  Temperature - SSI Series 7 7EK
     (Super Systems, Inc.)   Hi-Limit - SSI 7SL
Outside Dimensions:  62"W x 40"D x 61-1/2"H (new dim.)
Approx. Shipping Wt.:  2740 lb.
Price:  $8,900
Location:  Pacific Northwestern U.S.




Item# 15-3882  - Electric Box Temper:

Grieve Model# HX-1250-E,  Electric Oven, 
Max. Temp:  1250ºF, +/- 10ºF Uniformity,
Circulated Air:  1400 CFM, 1 H.P. Fan Motor
Insulation Thickness:  10"
Doors:  Single
Rated Work Zone:  38"W x 20"D x 26"H (Measures 36"W x 19"D x 25"H)

Power Rating:  30 kW
New Upgraded Controls:  Temperature - SSI Series 7 7EK
     (Super Systems, Inc.)   Hi-Limit - SSI 7SL
Outside Dimensions:  66"W x 44"D x 65-1/2"H (new dim.)
Approx. Shipping Wt.:  3300 lb.
Price:  $ 10,900
Location:  Pacific Northwestern U.S.






Item #14-3852-1 Lindberg Car Bottom Kiln:

Lindberg Hevi-Duty Kiln/Division of Sola Basic, Model 277236-ECB-26A, Serial No. 20049. This Kiln is electric with a max temp of 2600° F. Car approximate dimensions 8′ long x 4′ wide x 4′ high. 

Price $35,000(US) or Best Offer








Item # 14-3821-1 Lucifer Furnace


Model  Number 46GT-R36, Serial Number 6418, Working Dimensions of 24” w x 36” d x 24” h. Insulation and elements are in good shape. Front lift door with a foot actuator. Controls: Honeywell round chart recorder, Honeywell overtemp, No controller. Power: 460/3/60 28 Kw 35 Amps, Temperature: Max 1650° F. Nitrogen Atmosphere. 

Price: $14,500.00


fronthotzoneright Top








Item# 14-3806 - Large Tilt-Up Car-Bottom Temper Furnace:

Sauder, "Auto-Tilt" Tip-Up Car Bottom Temper Furnace.
1400˚F Temperature Rating
Work Zone:  8ft Wide x 30ft Long x 5ft High (may be 6 ft high)
Load Capacity:  60,000 lb.
Hydraulic System for lifting cylinders
Electric Heat, 460V/3Ph/60Hz, 325 kW
Zones:  3 zones of control
Insulation:  Ceramic Fiber Lining
Control Panel with digital controls
Condition:  Super clean and currently in operation
Price:  $159,000 includes dismantling and loading onto your trucks
Furnace is scheduled to be dismantled and moved to warehouse on
approx. July 11th.  After that is done price changes to $179,000 to
cover those costs. 
Location:  Ft. Wayne, Indiana (Midwestern U.S.)







If you have questions on the items on this page, please email us at or give us a call at 208-765-6854 Pacific Time Zone. Be sure to include the item # for reference.