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 Find Used Heat Treating Equipment

At any given time we have available a wide variety of new,  used or remanufactured equipment that can be purchased through GVT, Inc. or directly from our Principals.  As time permits I will try to post these items on this web page, but meanwhile please contact me if you are looking for specific equipment. 

For featured equipment, please go to the categories of interest on the above tabs.

Sell Your Heat Treating Equipment:

We are always looking for good, used equipment to sell.  We normally work on a commission basis and
only ask for a non-exclusive listing.  This way you only pay us if we bring you the buyer.  You are still free
to sell the equipment directly, if you can.  Please contact me to find out what type of information and 
photos we will need to properly advertise your equipment.  


We have attempted to describe this equipment accurately from the information that we have available. Any mistakes are unintentional. We do not guaranty the accuracy of the above information, nor can we guaranty the performance of this equipment or suitability to your application. The equipment is sold As-Is, Where-Is.  We strongly encourage your personal inspection of the equipment before purchase.



If you have questions on the items on this page, please email us at or give us a call at 208-765-6854 Pacific Time Zone. Be sure to include the item number for reference.