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GVT Grammer Vacuum Technologies, Inc.

Since 1992, Serving Metals Processing Customers

Thermal Processing Equipment & Supplies,
Cooling Systems, Pre-owned Equipment

1.  New 36" x 48" x 36" 2-Bar Vacuum Furnace in Stock:

   New, from stock, 2-Bar vacuum furnace from Solar Manufacturing, Inc.
   Fully operationally tested prior to shipment.  (Like all our furnaces.)

Increased Vacuum Furnace Throughput with Multi-Tier Fixtures:

  Double or triple your vacuum furnace throughput by using
   a two-tier or three-tier fixture to utilize unused work zone space. 
   Moly and TZM moly grids with superior design features.   Also,
   very short lead times (typ. 1 week ARO) for 1" x 24" x 36" size
   or 1.5" x 36" x 48" size single layer TZM moly grids.  Other sizes
   available with normal lead times. 

SSi Products:

    a.  "E-Trim":  Cut your furnace natural gas bill by 20-30%.  Possible incentive programs.
    b.  "Portable Low-Range Dewpointer":  Measure your incoming N2 or Argon dewpoint
    c.  "SuperDATA Reporting Module" - Reports on Furnace Utilization, Costs per Cycle, etc.
          Note:  SSI has scheduled user training sessions in SuperDATA
    d.  "Cat-100":  Replace or augment shim stock carbon testing with SSI's "Cat-100" precision
          measurement system for quickly and accurately determining carbon potential in furnace
          atmospheres.  Have answers in minutes after removing your sample from the furnace!

4 Custom Engineered Furnaces from Williams Industrial Services

    High Performance Industrial Furnaces - Excellent Uniformity, Low Maintenance, and High Efficiency. Custom & Standard Furnaces

5.  Custom Electric - Furnace Elements
         Custom Elements
         Can replace elements in Huppert ovens


Our Staff:





Robert Elvin Grammer, Metallurgical Engineer
(Specialties:  Heat Treating, Melting, Refractory Metals)

Member ASM International® since 1971 - Inland Empire Chapter
Charter Member - ASM Heat Treating Society
Member -  Trinity Church (Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches)





Ben Grammer, Metallurgical Engineer


With 44 years in the thermal processing and specialty metals
industries, we are in a position to assist you and to advise you on your thermal
processing equipment needs and applications.  If we don't know the answer to
your question, we probably know someone who does.  Let us help you!


Contact us at:

Grammer Vacuum Technologies, Inc. 
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Phone:  208-765-6854 
E-mail: *

* Note:  Before you use this email address for scams, offensive or illegal
purposes, be informed that we report such use to the FBI/FTC joint    Internet Crime web site for tracking.  Big Brother IS Watching!


Our motto:  "Our customer's interest always comes first!"

"America is great because she is good,
and if America ever ceases to be good,
America will cease to be great." 
Alexis de Toqueville "Democracy in America"


Grammer Vacuum Technologies, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer's representative for the following U.S. companies in the Northwestern U.S.:


Cooley Wire Products (Schiller Park, IL)

Fabricated Alloy Baskets & Fixtures. Cooley Wire Products is a quality manufacturer of heat treating and corrosion resistant fabrications. We manufacture industry standard and custom designed baskets and fixtures. We can manufacture to your drawing, or design something based on your submitted part or part drawing.

Custom Electric (Wixom, MI)

Industrial Heating Elements for electric and gas-fired furnaces, standard and custom designs.

DMP CryoSystems® (El Paso, TX)

Cryogenic Tempering Equipment, CryoTemper®, CryoFurnace®, Rotary Hearth Immersion Tanks, Loaders. 

Dry Coolers, Inc. (Oxford, MI)

Water Cooling Systems and Components, Cooling Towers, Process Chilling Systems, Heat Exchangers, Pumping Stations, Electrical Panels, Standard and Custom Systems, Water Filtration for Cooling Systems, Quenchant Cooling

Solar Manufacturing (Souderton, PA) 

  Standard and Custom Vacuum Heat Treating Furnaces for  
  Hardening, Stress Relieving, Normalizing, Brazing,
  Annealing, Tempering, Carburizing, Nitriding, Sintering,
  and Hydride/De-hydriding.   Aftermarket Hot Zones,
  Furnace Parts, Service and Support.  Providing the
                              ultimate in value for your investment.  Solar furnaces are
                              designed with energy efficiency in mind for lower long-term
                              operating costs.  We'd be happy to explain this to you.

Super Systems, Inc. (Cincinnati, OH)

Engineered Control Systems, Furnace and Gas Generator Control Systems, Portable IR Gas Analyzers, Digital Dewpoint  Monitors, Data Logging Systems, Software Packages, Plant-Wide Control Systems for Heat Treating Shops, Control Systems for Atmosphere, Vacuum Coating and Annealing Furnaces & Ovens.  Carbon Control Systems, Energy-saving Burner Monitors, In-house % Carbon Determination Systems to replace outside shim-stock analyses.

Williams Industrial Service (Bowling Green, OH)

High Performance Industrial Furnaces, Batch and Continuous, Atmosphere Tempers; Washers; Charge Car Systems; Belt Hardening, Annealing, Tempering and Draw Furnaces;  Car Bottom and Forge Reheat Furnaces.   Endo Generators, Furnace Rebuilding & Moving Services.


Also Available: Heat Treating Equipment Appraisal Services, Moly and TZM Furnace
Fixtures & Grids, Molybdenum and TZM Mill Products, Used and Rebuilt
Heat Treating Furnaces , Ovens and other Heat Treating Equipment. 
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The "Enchantments" alpine lake in the Cascades, WA.

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A Meteor Crater in the Southwest


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