New Equipment

Grammer Vacuum Technologies, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer's representative for the following U.S. companies in the Northwestern U.S.

Super Systems, Inc.

Engineered Control Systems, Furnace and Gas Generator Control Systems, Portable IR Gas Analyzers, Digital Dewpoint Monitors, Data Logging Systems, Software Packages, Plant-Wide Control Systems for Heat Treating Shops, Control Systems for Atmosphere, Vacuum Coating and Annealing Furnaces & Ovens. Carbon Control Systems, Energy-saving Burner Monitors, In-house % Carbon Determination Systems to replace outside shim-stock analyses.

Cincinnati, OH

Williams Industrial Service

High Performance Industrial Furnaces, Batch and Continuous, Atmosphere Tempers; Washers; Charge Car Systems; Belt Hardening, Annealing, Tempering and Draw Furnaces; Car Bottom and Forge Reheat Furnaces. Endo Generators, Furnace Rebuilding & Moving Services.

Bowling Green, OH

DMP CryoSystems

Cryogenic Tempering Equipment, CryoTemper®, CryoFurnace®, Rotary Hearth Immersion Tanks, Loaders.

El Paso, TX

Dry Coolers Inc.

Water Cooling Systems and Components, Cooling Towers, Process Chilling Systems, Heat Exchangers, Pumping Stations, Electrical Panels, Standard and Custom Systems, Water Filtration for Cooling Systems, Quenchant Cooling

Oxford, MI


Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces, High Pressure Gas Quench, Vacuum Oil Quench, Gas Carburizing, Gas Nitriding, Hot Zone Replacement, Furnace Repair, Control Upgrades, Process Development

Meadville, PA